I swear this one came up on "generate a list topic"!

  • The Justice Charm (For successfully completing The Justice Journey, including justice stories around the campfire)
  • Funky Fresh Fabulousness Badge
  • Gourmet Chefs Badge (We throw a mean dinner party)
  • Irony Detectors Badge
  • Girl Scout Pin (For making the Girl Scout Pledge: "...And be a sister to every Girl Scout.")
  • Back to the Beatles Badge (We're like the famous Fab Four, minus the fame, plus extra sass)
  • Healthy Relationships Badge (This is a real badge...)
  • The Stress Less Badge (I earned this in fourth grade! If only the lessons had stuck... But with the all the laughing we do together, I think we all deserve it!)
  • Singing and Dancing in Public Places Badge
  • Souplantation Badge
  • Journaling Badge <3
  • The Lasertag/I Survived Volleyball in the Parking Lot Badge
  • The Best of Friends Badge
  • I Survived T-Town at Midnight Badge
  • Getting Our Licenses After 17 1/2 Years Badge
  • Individuality (Without Being Hipsters) Badge
  • Adam West Batman Badge of Honor and Shark Repellent Usage
  • Quirky Pets Badge
  • Using Listography/Facebook to Procrastinate Badge (Okay, maybe this is just me... -BB)
  • Spooning Badge
  • Lifetime of Friendship Badge
  • The Bravery Badge for Watching "The Ring" at 3 AM
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