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Writer, poet, bookworm, name nerd.

A person alone with a book is not alone ♥


First year:

  • Prose: Reading and Interpretation
  • Sociological Thinking
  • Exploring Medieval Literature
  • Poetry: Reading and Interpretation
  • Sociological Analysis of Contemporary Society
  • Identity, Difference and Inequalities

Second year:

  • Literature of the Romantic Period
  • Central Problems in Sociology
  • The Medieval Renascence
  • Crime, Law and Regulation
  • Femininity in Fiction
  • The Sociology of Gender

Third year:

  • Victorian Literature
  • Interpersonal Violence
  • Women in Medieval Scandinavia
  • Sexuality and Society
  • Dissertation (The changing construction of gender identity in Arthurian legend from Chretian de Troyes to Marion Zimmer Bradley)
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