• walking through lilac gardens
  • picking honeysuckle
  • the crisp smell of earth and dew in the early morning
  • slugs and snails on wet paving stones
  • the smell of spring onions growing out of fresh earth
  • warm summer nights and taking walks in the city
  • forgetting about the outside world with you
  • when you say to me during a summer rainstorm, "Come to the window, doesn't it smell lovely outside?"
  • when you whisper to me after we make love
  • doing strange things in front of one another
  • walking naked inside the house with the sun all around
  • weekends at the cinema
  • giggling and whispering to you in the dark of the cinema
  • tickling your skin with wilting wrists
jul 31 2011 ∞
sep 16 2011 +