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There really isn't much to say about me. I am just an average one special. I respect any sort of information from about 1963 to 1976. I love doing research about hippies and one day I will go to Bethal, New York to visit the actual site (also the muesuem they have there). Um yeah I really have gone blank haha.

RC follows:
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  • Brianna Suggs
  • Kayla Chappell
  • Amber Long
  • Sydney Catherine Gore
  • Jessie Faulk
  • Alyssa Richardson
  • Ayrielle Jackson
jun 2 2009 ∞
jun 2 2009 +
  • gorgeous eyes++!!
  • romantic yet sexy
  • makes me laugh
  • loves to sarcastically argue
  • loves make-up "fun" (lol just kidding)
  • dark hair, blue eyes!!
    • instead I got stuck with a Marine, but I lvoe him to death...he is the yang to my yin!
  • great kisser
  • loves to cuddle
  • likes to look at the stars while eating peanut butter and apples
  • white roses for no reason
  • I have to get along with his friends
    • which I love my boyfriends friends...they make me laugh
  • respects my beliefs
may 27 2009 ∞
may 27 2009 +
  • get over yourself
  • it's sad when you have to be like me to please your boyfriends (my ex)
  • try to look like a girl
  • speak directly to me, not through your friends
  • grow-up
  • build your OWN self-esteem
  • learn who YOU ARE...not who I AM
  • go get laid a few times
  • don't fall in love to quickly
  • stop texting your ex's
  • stop accusing me of texting your boyfriends...I don't!!!
  • find your OWN hairstyle
  • don't pretend to be a surfer chick...especially if you never have
  • your "best friend" isn't your "best friend"
  • stop causing're only hurting yourself
may 27 2009 ∞
may 27 2009 +
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  • BUY MY HIPPIE VAN and ride in it EVERYWHERE!!!
  • Spend a whole day in the field at Bethel New York where woodstock took place
  • see Haight-Ashbury street
  • sky dive
  • pet a HIPPO!!!!!
  • ride a bull
  • milk a cow
  • enter in an eating contest
  • get arrested
  • go to my places i said i wanted to travel
  • be in a movie
  • meet Johnny Depp
  • run naked down on the beach when i am 80
  • pet an electric eel
  • get a baby tiger...or a domestic bengal tiger kitten (which is a real domestic house cat)
  • eat a big juicy disgusting bug
jun 3 2009 ∞
jun 3 2009 +
  • bio-dome
  • son-in-law
  • encino man
  • what's eating gilbert grape
  • pirates of the car. all
  • don juan de marco
  • edward sicssorhands
  • crybaby
  • nightmare before christmas
  • the breakfast club
  • pretty in pink
  • sixteen candles
  • sisterhood of the traveling pants
  • dazed and confused
  • across the universe
  • phantom of the opera
  • the rocky horror picture show
  • sweeny todd
  • horton hears a who
  • he's just not that into you
  • star trek
may 28 2009 ∞
may 28 2009 +
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  • Europe
    • London (again) for the plays
    • Scotland for the castles
    • Ireland for the farmland
    • Germany for everything
    • Asissi Italy (again) to revisit (memories)
    • Venice Italy to the ride the boat thing
    • Greece to see the anceint ruins
  • Asia
    • Thailand to see the buiildings
    • Hong Kong to say I went
    • Basically any main part of China or Japan so I can eat the food
  • Australia
    • Sydney and the Outbacks to see the great barrier reef and chase a kangaroo
  • Africa
may 27 2009 ∞
may 27 2009 +
  • she will always be my best friend
  • so will the other she (lol)
    • love ya Brianna and Amber
  • why do people got to be like me
  • Garrett is a faggot
  • NO he is not
  • I love Benjamin
  • schools is gay
  • graduation is just around the corner
  • finally satisfied with my accomplishments throughout the year
  • needs to just chill in the hammock and read my awesome book
  • missing the days when I was a little kid
  • dreading work this weekend
  • a lot more things.................
may 27 2009 ∞
may 27 2009 +
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  • the yang to my yin
  • loves me for me
  • makes me feel a way I can't explain
  • cares a lot for me
  • I know he will always protect me
  • I'm a hippie, he's a marine...go figure
  • tells me he loves me
  • calls me his babygirl
  • wants to just hold me as long as he can
  • ...kisser...
  • loves my cookies
  • jokes with me
  • both get along with one anothers friends
  • we are distant, but it's worth it when we see each other
  • I just LOVE Benjamin Calhoun
may 27 2009 ∞
may 27 2009 +