• Attempted to make peach crepes
  • Drew our prose/poetry team for our speech and debate coach, who is leaving at the end of this year
  • Also made her a mixtape and started on the cover art for it, which is taking forever because the CD case folds out like a billion times
  • Played Words With Friends with Alex
  • Awkwardly realised that our new detergent smells a lot like a certain gentleman's (who I may be slightly romantically interested in) cologne.
  • Awkwardly realised my favourite cardigan smells like said cologne
  • Spent a good fifteen minutes with my face buried in my cardigan, smelling it because it is SO NICE
  • Gave myself a facial-treatment sort of thing
  • Took a lovely long shower and used the good shampoo and bodywash I stole from my sister
  • recieved a Facebook friend request from this super-cute hipster I met at an art show a few weeks back; decided to deny it because however cute he is, the fact is that I don't actually know him
  • Became increasingly irritated with my Dad after being harassed to A. change clothes, B. learn to drive because I've been sixteen since last November and I only have my permit, and C. Keep a house key with me at all times even though we live in the boonies and the door is always unlocked
may 22 2011 ∞
dec 26 2011 +