• Clothing
    • basically anything floral and gathered at the waist
    • high-cut shorts
    • Oxfords
    • Geek necklaces, like my time-turner and Dalek/Tardis charms on a long chain
    • anything chartruse, dusty rose, Tardis blue, or milk tea brown
    • Knee-high socks
    • Mixing prints to the point that I look like a bit of a bag lady
    • Straw hats with flowers on them
    • sling bags
    • Camera cases as small purses- my vintage Minolta case has been particularly functional lately
    • Baggy shirts with the collars cut out
  • Hair
    • Braids- keeps my hair out of my face with all these darn choppy layers
    • Side buns
    • Twisting my bottom layer into ringlets while it's drying so it dries like that
    • Shoving all my hair back into a baggy beanie because 99% of the time I'm just too lazy to fix it
may 29 2011 ∞
dec 26 2011 +