• my 7th was the first birthday i really remember. i had it at Discovery Zone. i remember going down that slide with the moving tubes, and that was my favorite part of DZ. i went down it with my gramsie.
  • i had maybe three parties at Pirate's Cove at Belmont Park. that place was THE best back then
  • 14.. groovy themed. 70s.
  • i think i had a sleepover for my 13th. it was either 12th or 13th. actually, i think i had multiple sleepovers.
  • 15 i went shopping, and probably out to lunch somewhere. jeez, where is my memory?
  • when i turned 16, i went to school and my aunt came to my lunch break dressed as a geeky retard and sang to me/embarrassed me. ha ha. then i went to build-a-bear and made a polar bear wearing a pink shirt (this was when i still liked pink- UGH.), and to cheesecake factory. all with my gramsie, and my cousin brianne.
  • 17.... i don't know. i don't think i did much on the actual day.. it was when we lived on bobhird drive i think. i remember timmy got me a fish. we had a party...? a lot of people came. that was when jon and krista asked courtney and me to be in their wedding as flower girls. by night, it turned into a dance party.
  • 18. i went to beauty and the beast rehearsal from like, 10am to 5pm. then i went to take a shower at lukey's house. then i went with gramsie to build-a-bear and made a monkey named Jasper who wore a little green vest. then we went to California Pizza Kitchen with a bunch of girls and my immediate family (and gramsie and grampy.) and i think a couple days later we went to disneyland, but it was more of a family trip.
  • 19. i lived in NY at this time... i went out in the morning and got a manicure. i sat next to carla gugino at bloomie nail. i went to 202 (an antique store/cafe/restaurant natalie portman frequents) with nick/amy, pam, hero, and owen. then i went to b&n, and union square, just wandering by myself, and i spoke to gramsie on the phone and she was distraught that her package had not arrived for me because she wanted it to come ON my birthday. then i went to noodle lounge with owie when it got dark, and we had thai curry and boba tea. and then i think we watched a movie later.
  • 20... i woke up at my gramsie's house. i was depressed. she made me and my little cousin josh blueberry flapjacks. (it was josh's bird day too, and the two of us were both there. how weird). anyway, i don't even remember what i did. i remember that later on, i went to brigantine with my immediate family plus jeron's gf at the time melissa, who was pissy the whole time for some reason i didn't care about or know about. OH! i had that disney dance party! i totally forgot about that. i dressed up as cruella de vil. we had it at the racquetball club.
  • 21. i don't remember. God, what is WRONG with me? i remember the night before. matt took me to dinner at taste of italy, then we went to fridays to wait for midnight, which i didn't want to do but did anyway. i hated the time in between getting there and the chi arriving because matt and i were on weird terms, but good, but weird also. i realize now that every time i felt weird being around him stemmed from him being insecure. the chi came in time for midnight and so did jeron, and jeron bought me a double shot of crown royal. the chi bought me a long island iced tea, which i did not want but drank anyway. i did not get drunk.

oh yes! i had to actually look it up in my notebook to see what i did because i honestly could not remember. i went to brigantine for brunch with gramsie and grampy, mum and dad, and cousin lou. i had a peartini. i got carded. then i went to get pedicures with mikie, josh and justin at avocado nail. then i went to starbeez with my mum and jesse, and my mother got us PSLs [pumpkin spice lattes,, HELLO!?!] and she got me a planner and a book. then i went to cissifer's house, where we were watching the season premiere of pushing daisies and where o'shanny made pies! she made an apple one with gruyere cheese baked into the crust, like on the show. soooo good. veet came, and tipo & brian dall. on the 3rd, i went to the ould sod and pink elephant with cissifer/o'shanny, jer, j-byrd, and random others. on the 4th i had a dinner party at my house for my friends. fucking shit, this is like a freaking encyclopedia length birthday. i hate those people who try to make their birthday the entire week but that became me my last birthday, even though the only one i actually planned was my dinner party.

  • my dad and i went to disneyland on my 22nd birthday. eek, that sounds weird to say. at night we went to mimi's cafe for my birthday dinner and then we stayed at fairfield marriott inn... and went to disneyland the next day too! yee haw, thursday and friday. that was fun, just me and my dad. saturday night garrett took me to tajima japanese noodle house and to see 'zombieland', which was so effing funny. he gave me harry potter years 1-5 on blu ray. i love the people i know.
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user picture Emily Catherine: Ah yes, the Disney party. Lady Cluck may have been the best costume I have ever/will ever wear. I remember Vinnie Pompo was there, which immediately made the party a success. Oh the Racquetball club. So much of our lives wasted there, and I have yet to ever actually play racquetball. apr 17 2009