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  • woke up too late for my optometry appointment after going to bed early on purpose. it's always the times i get enough sleep that i don't wake up.
  • drove to my optometry appointment anyway. rescheduled there even though i could've done it on the phone. but i met the very down to earth receptionist and now that i think of her, she somewhat brightened my day. so i suppose it was worth it. as she gave me paperwork, she said to me, "i think you'll like this person better...
    __he's a better doctor__"
  • ate at chipotle by myself. listened to a rather interesting (and VEEERY entertaining) story by the lovely vee-t-dub on the phone.
  • started compiling annotations for harry potter and the sorcerer's stone for the discussion between my twin, teep, and i. i know. i'm suuuuch a geeeeeeeek, waaaaaah
  • made one of those facebook notes where you write about people and tag them. yes, i have stooped this low.
  • went to rubios with j-byrd.
  • visited angela-tack at starbeez
  • participated in global communications chat with the students in Japan. i found out that Moss Burger is very popular, and although i couldn't read anything on the site, it looks amazing.
  • talked with native Japanese kids about Evangelion ! i feel so much cooler than i did yesterday.
  • got my tea refilled for free by howie, my favorite gaysian @starbeez.
  • finished book 1 of Proof, the comic teep lent me
  • started reading Jane Eyre
  • learned some things about Japanese web translators - they suck (according to Ben, the Japanese student)
  • acted spacey.
  • cursed the heat
  • remained at starbeez much longer than should be allowed, but loved it.
  • missed emily.
may 6 2009 ∞
may 6 2009 +
user picture veet: like button. what a goon. what a day. i sat by myself. for hours on end. ate a veggie sandwich while overlooking our fabulous coast. bought a book that gives me direction in life by telling me my strengths, which turned out to be eerily accurate, went to class, went to taylor's and then spoke to z about the above mentioned story. overall, a successful and lazy day i would have to say. i'm ok with it. may 6 2009