• awkward circumstances
  • bert & ernie
  • classy grandmothers
  • david bowie
  • earl grey tea
  • fucking sailor mouths
  • groovy nail lacquer colors
  • humble people
  • insane asylum
  • jelly & peanut butter sandwiches
  • klick klack (onomatopoeia..?)
  • literature class ;]
  • miniature anything
  • noodly (as a word)
  • oliver wood (my favorite gryffindor keeper!)
  • postcards from the edge
  • quidditch - didn'cha know that was coming
  • ringwraiths (creepy LOTR creatures!)
  • slimy rocks
    - how my teeth felt when my braces came off
  • tranny
  • uvula line from Monster House - jenny: "if that's the mouth, then that must be the uvula." chowder: "oooh, so it's a GIRL house!" jenny: "EVERYone has a uvula, chowder!"
  • vick's puffs
  • wasabi wow trail mix from TJ's
  • xenos - greek for strange.... OR xenophilius lovegood: luna lovegood's father who wears yellow robes and believes in gnargles
  • yakisoba
  • zenon: girl of the 21st century (disney channel original, ha ha)
mar 3 2009 ∞
mar 3 2009 +
user picture angela: i would rather watch bring mar 3 2009
user picture Emily Catherine: soooo...I kind of have the Bert and Ernie hook up. I mean, just saying. I kind of AM one of them. Can we share Oliver Wood? I wanted to be Zenon so bad. I used to wear pajamas I thought looked like something she would wear and put my hair up in on of those half ponytail buns like she wore. I thought it inspired me to have Zenon related dreams. I don't think I ever had a single one. mar 4 2009