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  • people walking in and ruining book or movie moments when i'm in the middle of one
  • fake pockets
  • when people use name calling, incivility, and backhand ways of arguing instead of getting to the point of the problem
  • sentences that use two words to describe the same thing that mean exactly the same thing (ex: this list is pathetic and pitiful), and somehow make it through editing.
  • when people put either no apostrophe-e at the end of you're (you are) or when they put the apostrophe in the wrong place. your stupid is a freaking incomplete sentence.
  • people who post thousands of bulletins on myspace in one day
  • when people criticize apple products because they're not cool enough to use them
  • when people post their relationship problems all over facebook or myspace
  • having to pull up my pants constantly
  • the internet not having the answer i need
  • the brand 'ed hardy'
  • multiple places on my body itching at one time
  • not being able to get to something while im doing dishes because my hands are wet and soapy
  • yippy little dogs
  • when people ignore me when i just spoke loud and clear right toward them
  • filling out applications
  • bad music
  • my incessantly runny nose
  • crying and screaming babies
  • chippy pink nail polish
  • people who borrow things and never return them or make a conscious choice to make it theirs
  • people being "mad at" me for their own reasons that really have nothing to do with me
  • bad or obnoxious drivers
  • people who think they're so amazing that they can just command the entire world
  • people who think they are always right; everyone else is wrong all the time
  • my clumsiness
  • when people fish for compliments
  • when people reject new ideas or situations without looking into them first
  • when my hair gets stuck in my glasses
  • when people expect things from me that i never agreed to or say i said something when i didn't
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nov 16 2009 +
user picture Dylan: hmmm i really hope __your__ not referring to _moi_ in __you're__ little addition here... because that would be both mean _and_ cruel. jan 30 2009
user picture Dylan: about me (things i learned about today) cannot italicize or boldface your text in comments cannot delete your own comments on other people's pages once you've posted them 3.making a mistake in posting a comment is a good way to make yourself look like a real idiot