• the one year anniversary of garrett and i!
  • the third studio album by Gorillaz: plastic beach. get a copy now!
  • my new foldable face painting table
  • the first disneyland trip of the year on friday last week with fun friends
  • yogurtland
  • my harry potter daily desktop calander from linda&danny
  • when my mum makes oatmeal in the morning
  • all my new nail colors, especially Dumbly's Crispy Hand Takes A Crunchy Swipe and A Shattered Nimbus 2000 and A Smug Ernie Macmillan
  • almond butter
  • legend of zelda: spirit tracks
  • filming things with my phone, jarvis
  • monster's inc - i need it on blu ray immediately
  • finally having a relationship with my little accomplice again and watching friends with her.

i'll add more as i see fit. UPDATE:

  • how no one was
    hurt in the rear end collision i caused yesterday
  • that i finally get to use my insurance coverage. i've been paying for over three years after all at this insurance company!
  • the tokidoki edition lesportsac my mum found at a thrift store for 12 dollars!
  • that even though i have to pay up the ass for my car rental, it's fun driving different cars!
  • the tea garden i created for my desk
  • my grampy's 91st (or 89th... 90th? we don't know) birthday party on march 27th
  • the new name for my purple nail color. Dumbly's Flowered Bonnet Bobbing Above a Treacle Tart Littered Table.
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