• spit
  • wash my hands
  • talk like a sailor ;[
  • pace around
  • look at people meanly without meaning to (and in some cases, meaning to)
  • stay up too late
  • drink too many cups of caffeinated tea per day
  • think about food
  • overuse napkins
  • among other things
feb 27 2009 ∞
feb 27 2009 +
user picture Dylan: haha actually i kinda love the fact that you talk like a sailor. is that weird? feb 27 2009
user picture Dylan: ...and i find in incredibly funny that you just mentioned that. i am literally L'ing O L right now. perhaps some day i'll tell you why. hahaha
user picture janny: why? tell me. mar 7 2009
user picture Dylan: well shit. fine... the day before you made this list i made a list entitled "some reasons why i think janet is super cool". No. 7 on the list was "because she curses like a sailor". ask and you shall receive. happy? mar 26 2009