make 2009 the year of enlightenment. here's how

  • send more snail mail
  • put bambi stickers on everything
  • read tons o' books! tons 'n tons o' books!!!
  • watch tons o' movies!!
    • get netflix
  • listen to tons o' music!
  • sew my button collection onto stray clothing
  • make photobooks so i can get rid of some pictures taking up space on Chauncey
  • scribble down sentences even more than i normally do
  • be crazier than the crazy i normally abide by
  • use that dictionary
  • get through that first PIANO book. you can do it.
  • only take a picture when the situation deserves it
  • smell lovely to myself with all my favorite perfumes
  • finish the things i start. easier with books than most things.
  • act.
  • act
  • act
  • act
  • act.
  • draw mustaches on everything. you like to do that. you should do it more.
jan 18 2009 ∞
jan 25 2009 +
user picture Dylan: Well you're in luck, because I would love to act act act act act WITH you... tomorrow, and Tuesday too! Whaddaya say? Let me know if you can squeeze me into your schedule ;) jan 18 2009