• slept in
  • ate @ tabu sushi with major dain and garrett
  • sat at borders for two hours, greedily eyeing everything there
  • ate shrimp wonton soup that was once frozen in a costco pack. and it was delicious.
  • picked up some costumes for tomorrow
  • went to angella's parents house for a bit to watch the e true hollywood story of farrah fawcett. i usually feel like i'm wasting time if i watch anything i haven't recorded, but this was different because it was so sad that i couldn't stop
  • went to sean's 30th bird-day party @ HIS parent's house, where there was a pig shaped cake, lots of jelly belly, and those type of people who feel like being snooty about films
  • painted my nails the disgusting pink for tomorrow because i had to paint them so they wouldn't be sore from lack of weight, and no other color would do for cinderella or snow white
  • read some manga YAY
aug 9 2009 ∞
sep 9 2009 +