“Midnight Lover,” by Kisses “A warm summer night in SoCal.”

“Sabali,” by Amadou & Mariam “Pleasingly simple. Plus, I’m a sucker for synthesizer arpeggios and old-school drum machines!”

“In Particular,” by Blonde Redhead “I love the guitar work in their songs. There always seems to be something new the closer you look.”

“Collector,” by Here We Go Magic “Fun and mesmerizing with a nice dynamic arc.”

“Siberian Breaks,” by Mgmt “Its musical scenes are structured more like a movie than a typical pop song.”

“This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody),” by Talking Heads “An all-time favorite song. Nearly perfect.”

“I Wanna Be Your Lover,” by Prince “I love the rhythmic tension between the drums and keyboards.”

“Forever,” by Walter Meego “They have a whole bunch of new material from a soon-to-be record. I’m curious and excited to hear what they put out next.”

“Tomboy,” by Panda Bear “I really like the depth and audible space. It’s a trademark of Panda Bear’s music but captivating nonetheless.”

“Wind Chimes,” by The Beach Boys “It’s not that it sounds like a cool summer night — it feels like a cool summer night.”

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