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Here is a list of all the lists I want to eventually have organized!

  • My favorite characters from the Warriors series
  • The TV characters I'd like to have a tea party with
  • All the breeds of dog I would one day love to own
  • All of the movies and DVDs I own, and those I want
  • Create some sort of realistic bucket list
  • All the places and activities I want my future kids exposed to

That is all I can think of for now, so this will be my starting point! :D

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So I have actually given this a lot of thought before, and I picked a few of the female TV that, if I were to have a fictional and adult tea party, I'd love to invite along for the experience! My range is a little small; I only chose from a few of my favorite shows. I'm only picking non-animated people for this list! :)

  • Abbey from NCIS
  • Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager
  • Dr. Brennan from Bones
  • Sophia from The Golden Girls
  • Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation

I have a small fanbase considering I don't watch much TV aside from house shows, but here it is!!

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