thesis: history / historical memory / the war itself / oral interviews

  • DS558 .A67 1993, working class war, chris appy
  • DS559.5 .B56 1984, bloods, wallace terry
  • DS559.62.V5 S39 2009, the american war in contemporary vietnam: transnational remembrance and representation, christina schwenkel
  • DS559.73.U6 L46 1998, the spitting image: myth, memory, and the legacy of vietnam, jerry lembcke

thesis: race, issues of vietnamese americans

  • E184.V53 A58 2011a (SEAA), collective self-esteem and coping strategies among vietnamese american adolescents, desery alvarado
  • E184.V53 L54 2011 (general langson), the american dream in vietnamese, nhi t. lieu
  • E184.V53 M338 2010a (SEAA), an exploration of the intergenerational transmission of historical trauma in vietnamese americans, lauren g. mai
  • E184.V53 N345 2012 (SEAA), vietnamese immigrant youth and citizenship: how race, ethnicity, and culture shape sense of belonging, diem t. nguyen
  • E184.V53 N58 2010a (SEAA), vietnamese amerasians: a study of identity construction, ky-giao c. nguyen
  • E184.V53 V5416 2011 (SEAA), vietnamese american identities: how race, gender, and class are reflected in cultural, language, and technological barriers, xuan truong thi nguyen
  • not yet available: authenticating nguoi my goc viet: vietnamese americans and the struggle for identity, thi anh jennifer huynh

tv (uteach and independent study combined)

  • P94.5.W65 T78 1996 turning it on: a reader in women and media, edited by helen baehr and ann gray
  • PN1993.5.U6 b385 2010 mass appeal: the formative age, edward d. berkowitz
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