you know, instead of studying like i should be / preparing to write my paper due friday aka ULTIMATE FAILURE. i'm ultimately glad for the anthro paper to have been due friday because it is a shitload less of stress for this week, but after surviving that all nighter my brain / body feel entitled to holiday already and so I'M JUST NOT GETTING ANYTHING DONE, A+++++ SELF. so imminent failure await and have already happened (h8 vietnamese 4ever lyfe~)

but that to do list:

  • return urban shoes
  • return f21 purchases that are no bueno
  • 11 reunion????????
  • catch up on ONE show. at least. probably ncis
  • see olivia every day
  • order textbooks
  • figure out tutoring schedule
  • order parking permit
  • SPRING CLEANING aka my closet
mar 17 2011 ∞
mar 18 2011 +