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Just keeping this here until I get the energy to make myself one of those new-fangled carrds everyone's using while making it actually look decent.


You'll probably want to just DM me for most inactive stuff, because there wont be much to get from them anyway since I'm not, well, active there.


  • Tumblr (
  • Discord (dwyll #4093)
  • Steam (lunch, friend code 83843295)
  • Epic Games (falsefelid)


  • Skype
  • Pillowfort
  • Nintendo network
      • I only had a WiiU with Splatoon and a New 3DS. Also used to play the mobile Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games
  • Instagram
      • I mostly just use it to chat with friends I know in-person
  • Twitter
      • Untouched. Just there in case pillowfort is still dead and tumblr assassinates my account
  • Playstation network
      • I don't currently have a Playstation Plus subscription, so I can't play online
  • Xbox Live
      • I don't actually have anything xbox, I just use it for Minecraft on PC
      • I only have (now unpaid, bc I'm tired of Blizzard's BS) WoW and F2P destiny
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