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I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.

a n n a follows:


  • the handmaid’s tale, season three
  • it’s always sunny in philadeplhia, season thirteen
  • big little lies, season two


  • babylon berlin, season two
  • tidying up with marie kondo, season one
  • pride and prejudice (1995)
  • perfume, season one
  • the assassination of gianni versace: american crime story
  • på spåret, säsong 29
  • homeland, season seven
  • the durrells, season one
  • the durrells, season two
  • the durrells, season three
  • big little lies, season one
  • the handmaid’s tale, season two
  • quicksand, season one
  • bodyguard, season one
  • our planet, season one
  • high maintenance, season two
  • high maintenance, season three
  • sharp objects, season one
  • shadowhunters, season three b
  • queer eye, season one
  • queer eye, season two
  • game of thrones, season eight
  • line of duty, season one
  • chernobyl, season one
  • it’s always sunny in philadelphia, season eleven
  • it’s always sunny in philadelphia, season twelve
  • queer eye, season three
  • how to sell drugs online (fast), season one

to watch

  • the virtues, season one
  • dark, season two (june 21st)
  • stranger things, season three (july 4th)
  • money heist, season three (july 19th)
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