• 01: Made dinner for my brother, Tabitha, my dad and I. Also binge watched The Good Place, thanks to my brother for the recommendation (awesome show!).
  • 02: Helped my brother, who has had an injured foot for the last several days making him unable to do certain things.
  • 03: Began an artwork job for a new client, whom I can't wait to talk about when it's over. Also grocery shopped for the next 5 days, and saved $38 through discounts, planning and coupons (haha, adult life).
  • 04: I think I finished said artwork, just waiting on approval!
  • 05: Completed the artwork for that special client (they were very happy), and got another client.
  • 06: Binge watched the Netflix series "The End of the F***king World", and it was awesome. That ending made me cry, so I really hope there's a season 2. Also, Bright was really dope.
  • 07: Meal prepped and planned grocery list for all of next week - getting on a healthier meal plan.
  • 08: Made exercise plan for 2 months.
  • 09: Got a Fitbit Charge 2 and selling my Jawbone Up2, also got money for another art project with Andrew.
  • 10: Got another big art project with the secret client. Also, stood my ground as an artist, which made me proud.
  • 11: Completed the art job on time, still eating well and exercising.
  • 12: Had a nice little nap, after a long week.
  • 13: Finding new music to dance to.
  • 14: Watched several episodes of Better Call Saul, emailed a musician I hope we can interview in issue 9, and ate fry bread for breakfast and dinner.
  • 15: Finally made a doctor appointment because it's been 6 months since my last, oops.
  • 16: Watched the new IT movie. It wasn't scary at all, but I did enjoy it.
  • 17: Ordered a Huion drawing tablet, I hope it's good and can't wait to use it.
  • 18: Shipped off a coloring book to Ill Bill.
  • 19: Got my tablet!
  • 20: Knocked out interview questions for two artists on our forthcoming compilation. Also, it was a cold, windy and somewhat rainy day.
  • 21: Frybread, yum.
  • 22: Watched American Made (good movie) with my brother.
  • 23: Finally opened up about my anxiety/social anxiety with someone who was able to point me in the right direction; very proud of myself for doing something about it and wanting to get help.
  • 24: Scheduled my first therapy appt for February 8th.
  • 25: Colourpop finally sent the right lipstick.
  • 26: Learning more of drawing with the tablet.
  • 27: Saturday desert shenanigans.
  • 28: Sat by a fire in the backyard, cooking Smores with Troy and Tabitha.
  • 29: Cooked an entire meal the backyard fire... burgers, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, corn on the cob, and brussel sprouts.
  • 30: Dad turned 56, so we took him out for Chinese and had cake.
  • 31: Slept good.


  • 01: Made banana bread.
  • 02: Bought my flight to Los Angeles for the 23rd-25th; I'm both excited and extremely nervous.
  • 03: Did a relaxed breathing technique to unwind from a stressful moment, which seems to work. It's provided on my Fitbit; I'm gonna try to remember to do them often.
  • 04: Finished song art for Justin, of which I'm really proud of because I did about 85% of it using my graphics tablet.
  • 05: My brother and Tabitha found out the sexes of their twins due mid-year--two girls!
  • 06: Someone ordered 2 coloring books.
  • 07: Sealed a deal with someone who wants me to design their business cards.
  • 08: Day 1 of Therapy.
  • 09: Kicking it with Sabrina for the weekend.
  • 10: Chocolate festival in Glendale with Sabrina and her kids. Also, hung out with a couple of firemen, one of which followed the CB Instagram after I told him about what we do.
  • 11: Angelina's.
  • 12: Watched Sorority Boys for the hundredth time, but this time with my brother and Tab.
  • 13: Bought a crop top today; not sure when I'll wear it, but it's cute.
  • 14: Dad got me a couple of wooden roses, Troy shared his chocolate strawberries, and I focused on loving myself and being happy.
  • 15: Magazine work - finished 2 art pieces.
  • 16: Did more work on business card for client.
  • 17: Down 2lbs, yay.
  • 18: Angelina's.
  • 19: Got a new client, designing album cover for Rich.
  • 20: Tab made some really good kung pao chicken.
  • 21: Finished Poe's interview questions.
  • 22: Sleeping at grandma's house to be closer to airport in the morning. ALSO, seemed to have totally kicked my sickness.
  • 23: Flew to Los Angeles, for the first time, and met my long-time internet friend Chad aka Poe.
  • 24: Despite being incredibly nervous and scared, I spent 7 hours filming a video interview with Chad (my first one, and his first of this caliber), and the 2 camera men were both really dope, chill guys. I gained a lot of confidence and pride in my work after doing it.
  • 25: Went to The Last Bookstore and walked down the Venice boardwalk, with Chad and his girl, before my flight back to Phoenix.
  • 26: Visited with mom and grandma.
  • 27: Mailed out another coloring book.
  • 28: Released our new compilation.


  • 01: Worked on artwork and caught up on Channel Zero: Butchers Block.
  • 02: Second therapy session went much better than the first. Instructed to download one or two mindful / meditating apps, as well as to buy a book about being present.
  • 03: Made homemade mac and cheese for everyone, steamed artichokes, and a batch of brownies. Also, went to the desert and kicked it.
  • 04: Angelina's and went to visit my mom and grandma for a bit.
  • 05: A silly reply tweet I made, regarding a period story, got a ton of likes.
  • 06: That same tweet is my most popular, oddly enough, and has received over 300 likes. Also, downloaded two meditation apps that I, and my therapist, think might help with my anxiety.
  • 07: Grocery shopped for a week's worth of food.
  • 08: Showed the line work of an album cover I'm designing to my client (Bravado), and he really loved it.
  • 09: Mom's 54th birthday. Ate gyros, had a cake and enjoyed time with family.
  • 10: My 32nd birthday- holy shit, I'm old. Went out to eat Mexican food (Chile rellenos), had a cake, and enjoyed time with family.
  • 11: Angelina's,and went to Zia to look at books and movies.
  • 12:
  • 13: Colored the album art for Bravado, and almost done.
  • 14: Pi day!
  • 15: Sent Bravado final front and back covers for his forthcoming album; he loved them!
  • 16: Looked at a new theme for CB.
  • 17: Wore green, because of St. Patrick's Day. Also, went with mom to check out a few used cars for her to potentially buy, and it was kind of fun.
  • 18: Angelina's.
  • 19: Visual call with Sabrina and Gunnar that made me happy.
  • 20: Watched a movie, called I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore, which was good.
  • 21: Talked with Chelle on Skype for a bit.
  • 22: Bought tickets for the Renaissance Faire, because I'm taking my dad this weekend (he's never been).
  • 23: Therapy.
  • 24: Spent 6 hours at the Renaissance Faire, and had a great time. Dad did as well. Also, ate at Erickbertos and it was the perfect ending to the adventurous day!
  • 25: Visit with mom.
  • 26: Mag work.
  • 27: Art working.
  • 28: Got my order from Amazon: Presence book, new Saga volume, and elephant tea infuser.
  • 29: Sent another coloring book package, it's been a while since someone bought one.
  • 30: Made some BOMB smothered burritos!
  • 31: Troy made dinner, which were some great stuffed bell peppers. Also, finally watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi... and it was AMAAAAZING!

(Oops. Forgot to update my list, so I'll just start up on the most recent date.)


  • 12: Troy and Tabitha's baby shower at Claim Jumper! Can't wait til the twins are here!
  • 13: Mother's Day. Gyros, baklava, a baked cake, and festivities with my mom.
  • 14: Leftover cake.
  • 15: Found out the art that I did for a major makeup company earlier this year was finally unveiled... on some of the packaging of the new Kris x Kylie Jenner makeup collection! What! Promoted my two illustrations on my art pages.
  • 16: Finished the Netflix show Safe and started Seven Seconds tonight.
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