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« you gotta be stronger cause you're my star »

listography NEW JOURNAL

» 2015

  • » Beautiful


      • »“Beautiful,” an OST track from Baekhyun of EXO, has claimed the title as the first web drama soundtrack to become number one on digital charts.

As of 8am KST on April 22, “Beautiful,” the main theme song of EXO’s web drama “EXO Next Door,” has topped various digital music charts like Melon, Genie, Olleh Music, Naver Music, and Soribada, among others. It has officially become the first OST single from a web drama to top digital charts

      • Baekhyun achieving an all-kill on the chart with his OST.
      • Baekhyun’s Beautiful OST stayed in #1 with full score 100 points in China Baidu King Chart!
      • When Baekhyun’s OST “Beautiful” topped China Baidu King Chart. It stayed #1 in chart for 4 consecutive weeks! Topping Exo's
      • Baekhyun Baekhyun1stOSt Record (다시한번 보는 백현OST Record 8대차트올킬! 멜론,지니 지붕킥 !그리고 지붕걷기까지 OST곡 중 유일한 천만돌파~) x
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  • » Thanks(감사)


  • On May 23, and SM staff member had a wedding at a hotel in Korea. Baekhyun attended as not only a gust but also a singer.

Of course out Baekhyun didn't disappoint as he congratulated the newly weds with a soulful performance "I'm also full of happiness".

  • Baekhyun was invited by one of SM's staffs members to sing on their wedding day, it was a particular and small ceremony so no full release or HQ as well, to preserve grooms images.

Even though it was a preference Baekhyun who is always humble did his tiny ment before singing "Not all singers can sing always well, right? Even though I made an mistake please look for me(appreciatively)!"

  • He come, congratuled the grooms, and even brought flower(crown) to them x
  • After they give two HQ images of Baekhyun x
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  • » The Return of Superman


    • » Lee Hwijae: 'When I hear they want to me meet I thought 'oh? really?' but when I saw they playing with them I feel that (..) I'm very thankful to Chanyeol and Baekhyun I think if they appear on broadcasts I would support them very much in future"
    • INSTIZ - Today Baekhyun made efforts beacause of Seoeon and Seojun x
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  • » I AM KOREA


    • » “Baekhyun received the OK sign in just one go. Even though he showed the desire to sing it one more time, the result is? ‘Baekhyun Recording Success." x
    • “EXO- Chen, Baekhyun, Chanyeol singing ‘The Day We Meet’ Great vocals! Please look forward to it," he(the productor) tweeted along with the picture.
    • "This student, have you finished studying? Baekhyun who was staring intently at the music sheet just a while ago. He begins to warm up his explosive vocals. Please reserve some of your vocal energy. Woa woa~This is just a practice."
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  • Composer Kim Hyungsuk wrote on twitter and also on his weibo (both personal) with a picture attached "These aren't empty words. Why does this friend, EXO Baekhyun sing this well? He sang it twice and the recording ended hoho" t/n He must have felt so flustered with Baekhyun because he was the only among the 27 groups who participated on the project I Am Korea that composer Hyungsuk said and even posted something
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  • » Hanwha SK Baseball Match


  • » Exo Baekhyun did the oppening for the match between Hanwha and SK at the Hanwha Eagles Park on 16th. This is Baekhyun’s first KBO opening pitch. Even though he has experience of singing the national anthem at the friendly soccer match with Peru in 2013, he didn't have any experience with baseball

It's obviously difference. After looking at the catcher with a sharp gaze, Baekhyun who stood on the mount, threw the ball with great strength. His ball traveled in a straight trajectory landed right in the catcher's mitt (...) He didn't seem to be a amateur. His ball felt so full of strength, that the 18,44m distance between the mound and home plate felt short x

    • »» x
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» 에리


On The 3th Baekhyun was pretty active on sns, previews comments of him on his photo before saying how much he miss his fans

  • 1# I miss EXOL,,, I'm truly curious are you doing well? Have you eaten your meal?? Today's weather is hot so wear something refresing out i miss you EXOL eat watermelons and wear ramie fabric clothes!!
  • 2# EXOL i miss you TT
  • 3# Continuosly looking at instagram right now!^^ kkk The words are popping up so quickly and i"m speedreading them! Everyone misses me too right?!

As well EXOLS misses Baekhyun so much too he had the urge something to them and keep the warm feeling in ours hearts, on that short but cute comment he gave EXOL a nickname that made it so popular that the fandom itself as well as the EXO adopted as a cute form to call us

  • "If EXOLee (adding a 이 after someone's name give a cute connotation as exemple of Baekhyun's name in korean is 백현 but if we add 이 it turns like 백현이 that is read as Baekhyeon-ee(as in romanization form his name is writen like this becuase 현 is Hyeon too, Hyun is like the english form of it)/Baekhyune/Baekhyun~~e so EXO-L이 is like calling us EXOLee) misses me, of course i need to show mylsef! Oh right Also, EXOL can also be expressed as 엑셀이 (Ex-SELee*** He's spelling the pronunciation) right? However it feels too rigid, and there doesn't seem to be a nickname that we can say for sure too so I've thought about it. 엑소엘 (EXOL) > 엑소엘이 (EXOLee) > 엑소에리 (EXOeri or EXOaeri as you prefer) > 에리 (Aeri). Thus i think that Aeri sounds great! What do you think? it has a cute and pretty feeling! Just,,, I'm just saying it,,,, # 에리야가자 (Aerie Let's go!!!)"

×××××the 에 caracther is spelled like "é" or "ê" so it's more like E/É/Êrie but the international part of fandom stylised it as Aeri instead so it's more popular

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  • » The Competent or The Capable Ones


  • × Baekhyun's first apparition ever as an MC of variety show ×

Exo member Baekhyun will become an MC together with Kim Gura and Yoo Seyoon for MBC Variety Program 능력자들

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  • » Cool Kiz on the Block


  • On the 14th, Cool Kiz on the Block PD Yoo Jungah told MBNstar that "Baekhyun joined and completed today's filming well. Firstly, even though he joined us a guest, we are thinking about asking him to re-appear with consideration of his future schedule" He also praised Baekhyun "His sports reflex was beter than expected. He did Judo techniques like breakfall and kicks, and created an interesting filming atmosphere
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  • Elle called Baekhyun for his first pictural to celebrate the 23 years birthday of the magazine as both are from the same year 92line

Exo's main vocal Baekhyun who shines on stage with his professional standard singing ability, leads fashion with his styles that are full of personality, and brings joy with overwhelming sense and charms. Elle camera followed him around at his photoshoot venue: “It is so charming no matter what he does, how can we not fall for him.”

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  • » Unfair
    • Baekhyun who is well known how the genious idol also create some unforgetable choreo for exo's stages like in 너의 세상으로(Angel) stage x at 0:39 you can see. Or also his solo and Kaibaek's duet part in Call Me Baby x at 2:29-30 "I choreographed that dance personally... I came up with it. If you look at my gestures there, as I'm trapped, I extract my heart out, I place it in Kai, the robot, that has nothing! and made him repeat my exact movements! There is such a dance!". Now he also came with Unfair's stages creating the "wave arms" at girl girl be my love part at (6:43) on the first stage here 1. x 2. He also gave the ideia for the outfits at the second stage x 3. As also the christmas outfits x
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  • » Like Rain Like Music - 비처럼 음악처럼


  • × Baekhyun did his first solo stage ever as a singer at 151227 gayo daechukje ×
  • The song was released to sites as itunes
  • The recorded version was also released online x
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  • » SM
  • TVXQ's Changmin citted Baekhyun on his letter from army “The one who I have very, extremely intense and high expectations for, Baekhyun-ie” x
  • Changmin also called Baekhun for join him on We are T and Somebody to Love stages at SMTWON in OSAKA
  • Baekhyun did his first duet perform with Super Juionr's Yesung at SMTOWN in Tokyo x
  • (2016) Shinne's Jonghyun citted baekhyun at his radio MBC Blue Night Radio “As I was always aware that Baekhyun had a great voice... During his trainee days, as it was the voice I heard often, I had hopen many people would quickly realise that this friend’s lower vocal range was very charming through this song I think that many people would have gotten to know it better.” x

» 2016

  • » Dream


    • » "Baekhyun‘s way to express his emotion is by far the best i’ve ever seen. usually, to reach the quailty i want for a song, it could take about a day. For baekhyun, we’re done with only 2 hours." x
    • Dream has managed to become the 1st on monthly chart. It become an undefeatable song and received a pefect “all kill” and 11 certificate all kill, 9 top roof and been 350 hours #1 on melon!
  • Park GeunTae about working with BaekZy x
  • Kim Eana: " -Baekhyun is a man, and in front of um is Suzy, so what he would think? Woah 'beautiful!!!' that was the way i wrote the lytics" x
  • x
  • » Shim JaeWon
  • "Baekhyun is a good piano player. He always says he's not good, but I can see that he's good. At first he refused to play but I guess all that time, he'd been wanting to pull it off. He stayed up nights practicing. He made it happen in the end. He would often come up to me to brag after he's spent the night practicing, saying 'hyung, I practiced! but I don't know if it'll work out.' It did." x and x
  • Baekhyun would always tell Shim JaeWon "Yesterday I practiced! (piano)" and then he would cutely say "But I don't know if it'll work out (well) or not~"
  • x
  • » Jong Hwa Hong (SM Entertainment Senior Advisor/Composer

160411 Exo's Baekhyun has a charming prince like image. in english it'd be closer to 'sophisticated' than just handsome x Today i did some music work ith Exo Baekhyun. I could feel that he had a lot of musical talent x

  • x
  • » Most Popular Singer of the Year (Korea)


Korea most popular singer: Byun Baekhyun:

  • Attractive vocal, Byun Baekhyun's firts solo song <두근거려 (Beautiful)> was nominated in YinYieTai vchart and has grabbed the best honor with his soft voice and outstanding popularity
  • "The most popular singer" is Baekhyun's firts individual/solo award which also a special birthday present given by Eries

his thropy + they also congratulated him for his bday x

  • x
  • » Brown Eyed Girls: Jea

When asked if there were any young artists thta drew her eye, Jea answered "I've noticed that the members of EXO are good singers, and Baekhyun, who did the duet with Suzy, has a great voice x

  • » Behind the Song: EXO "Artificial Love"

MM: Was there a particular part of the song that you were especially impressed with? MZMC: Yes. Baekhyun. His vocals on the chorus were amazing. You can tell he's naturally a good singer because there's a lot of strength in his voice. A lot of vocals get processed and edited in the post-production process, but you can tell that his vocals were touched just the bare minimum. x

  • » Moon Lovers


  • Lee Joongi in Allure Magazine interview, March 2016:

“These days I’m just totally into Hyun-ee (Baekhyun). I take care of all my hoobaes, but Hyunee especially draws my eye. So whenever I say anything, even just a random word, I end up directing my words to Hyunee. We live right next to each other so we see each other often, and since his acting history has been short, I want to take care even better of him. Whenever I see him he just make me smile/laugh. I’m feeling my age

  • Lee Joongi is actually Baekhyun's hyperman he babies him a lot and has amount of his pics on his own insta like
  • #1 When he went to an Exo's con LINK plus x and puls x
  • #2 On Moon Lovers Press x
  • #3 BTS of Eun and Soonduk marriage LINK
  • #4 Break Time and Baekhyuntown support LINK
  • #5 Eun and Soonduk death LINK plus x
  • #6 Baekhyun performing For You OST LINK
  • "Baekhyun in ‘Scarlet Heart’, Call Him ‘Beagle Wang Eun' Explosion of Attractiveness" x

"Reports say that Baekhyun is endlessly analyzing the script and practicing hard to best act out the character of the 10th prince Wang Eun who is in charge of the drama’s lively side. Baekhyun is also known to be filling the shoots with laughter with his unique liveliness Baekhyun is enthusiastic & cooperative, listening closely to production team’s comments & developing his character in a uniquely attractive style We hope you will have high expectations and lots of support for Baekhyun, who is like the endorphin that lights up the production scenes!"

  • FANACC about Baekhyun filming: "He was wearing glasses and black sweatshirt, the director said Kyungsoo greeted everyone so brightly and greeted so well,he tho KS was a staff The staff said Baekhyun is really good at acting,his voice's really cute. He read webtoon during the break/he finished filming at 4AM yesterday" x and x
  • 160409 “Talented Boy BAEKHYUN” from “Guide to the Actors of 'Global Trend' EXO:

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, production team about Baekhyun during filming: Like the multitalented all-rounder that he is, Baekhyun has many skills and is full of energy. Baekhyun's character is Wang Eun who is a bright and lively character which closely matches his usual personality, so it's expected that he'll handle the role well “Baekhyun is very passionate about acting, very talented, and has great concentration, so expect to see good acting. We think that you’ll be able to see Baekhyun in many more productions after this one.” x

  • Cosmopolitan Magazine August 2016 Issue
  • Hong JongHyun : “Hyun-ee is cute. Among all of the guys I’ve met Hyun-ee is the cutest! If he is so cute in my eyes, a guy’s eyes, what about in the eyes of other women? It was the first time I had that thought while looking at a guy“ x
  • Finger Talk x
  • 1) Prince who i would fall in love with if i were the female lead (Jisoo Nam Joohyuk Kang Haneul and Lee Junki pointed to Baekhyun)

Nam Joohyuk : Firstly, as he is (bright and cheerful) like a sunflower wouldn't people fall for those charms, in a world like today's. Jonghyun : He's the type of person who makes you feel very happy when you're with him.. as he has a lot of positive energy, when you're with him, you will feel very happy

  • 2) Actor who is the mood maker at the filming venue (Sunwoo Jisoo Nam Joohyuk Kang Haneul IU and Jonghyun pointed to Baekhyun)

Jonghyun : I was quite surprised when i first met Hyunee. It was when we were still getting to know each other as he comes from a very popular singer group so i thought he would be very reserved and shy on the contrary, he would approach us first on his own, even with hyungs who are a lot older than him he doesn't feel uncomfortavle and converses with us a lot. Futhermore Joohyuk and Jisoo are younger than him. At the middle position, he takes good care of his younger brothers and treats his hyungs well. He's the mood maker, for real

  • Jonghyun

He once again metioned Baekhyun for being cute in an interview. Saying that he's never found a guy to be cute until he met Baekhyun and that he understands why he's so popular. he also later found out that Baekhyun is a perfectionist person. "(....) But in Baekhyun’s case, I was completely surprised. It was the first time I looked at a guy and thought he was cute. I finally understood why he was so popular. Though he was very bright and playful on set, he also has an aspect of perfectionism. He practices a lot.”

  • Z Hera

» ZHera, who has chemistry with Baekhyun in the drama 'Moon Lovers' revealed the bts of their kiss scenes. She said: Baekhyun oppa was promoting at that time, so he was very tired. I told him i would massage his shoulders. This was my first romance, kiss scene, so it was hard. Now, it was my first step into fully acting and it was my first time formally acting as well. I thought about how i learned so much LINK

Weibo Chat Comments about Baekhyun: #1 He's a real delight, he has a nice personality, everyone likes him a lot #2 I was afraid his fans wouldn't like it (linking arms) and it was MC that asked us to link arms #3 He's very cheerful, he's the crew's ball of happiness #4 Baekhyun is a delight to the crew and cast. Because of him, we always feel like laughing during filming LINK


✩♡ "Prince, you can't get lost on your way to the future. Even if a puppy ot the grasses are beautiful, even if the breeze feels good, don't let your focus wander and let's definitely meet in the future"

  • She mentioned in a mag interview that the picture she posted was sent by Baekhyun to the bbks cast group chat and she liked so much she posted
  • Scarlet Heart: Goodbye WangEun, Welcome Actor Baekhyun

The most touching scene was especially when he was dying. For the drama, he fully immersed himself into his role and expressed himself naturally whether it was in the acting when he got hit by the arrow or when he took his last breath. His sad tearful acting and detailed expressions were good. His gifted sense can be seen. Baekhyun, who dominated the stage through his outstanding acting with expressions, has taken his first step as an actor through Scarlet Heart. Baekhyun who grew and developed at such a fast speed, his next image will also be anticipated.

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