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  • barely used art twitter | @tombslug
  • tumblr | vilebloods
  • discord | ask bc i change my id a lot
  • twitch | slugvile
  • ask me for my line id if we're mutuals


  • final fantasy xiv | yevgeny astora (malboro, sch/ast main, drk + rdm)
  • gbf id | 15075233
  • swtor | jarjartwinks (jedi covenant, sith ass)
  • steam | here
  • uplay | slug-vile
  • psn | toshiiya
nov 1 2016 ∞
dec 7 2018 +

I want to organize a thorough watching of Nutshack. Guest will not be allowed to leave until the show reaches its completion, which will take several days due to activities we will throw in between. Anyone attempting to leave will be shot. In between episodes we will organize group discussion in order to analyze the complex issues that the show raises. Groups will be assigned to write a research paper on Nutshackology, I entirely new field founded by the makers of, you guessed it NUTSHACK. Haha. At night we will take time to appreciate the sexuality of the show and have a Nutshack themed orgy with music by DJ Tito "Dick" Dickman, or the greatest musician to have ever lived. At the end of this retreat if you survive you will be given a certificate of completion, and a permanent brand on you ASS indicating for the rest of your life that you sat through an entire watching of Nutshack and that...

nov 1 2016 ∞
apr 26 2017 +
  • dark souls/bloodborne
  • metal gear solid
  • rainbow six siege
  • silent hill
  • final fantasy
  • dead by daylight/ft13thg
  • resident evil
  • doom
  • warframe
  • star wars
  • slasher/horror movies
  • ghost bc + other bands
nov 1 2016 ∞
dec 7 2018 +