• tammy/talon/touko
  • dob sep 8 1995 (21)
  • trans woman (she/her)
  • born and raised in florida
  • basic white bitch
  • lesbian, hypersexual
  • polyamorous but in a monogamous relationship with @ShigekiBaba
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sep 14 2016 +

I am extremely against incest of any kind and I DO NOT want to see talk of ddlg/daddy kinks or daddy dom jokes. I don't care if you even just like being called daddy or if you think it's funny. I have zero tolerance for anything related to this on my personal and will unfollow and probably block you immediately if I see it.

To clarify, I don't really have an issue if you're into ddlg or use it as a coping mechanism, so long as you keep it to yourself. But if I see anything of it, I'm gone.

sep 14 2016 ∞
sep 15 2016 +

I used to rp a lot and have a ton of accounts but for various reasons it stopped being fun for me and I felt as if it was making my depression worse again so I ended up abandoning almost all of them. Nowadays I'm only active in DRRP and run these three accounts:

  • @Enoshimass (Junko)
  • @pattisarium (Ruruka)
  • @visceribus (Beta!Junko)
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sep 16 2016 +

Things I genuinely love or generally enjoy

  • pokémon
  • guilty gear
  • style savvy
  • batman
  • animal crossing
  • samurai warriors

Things I like ironically/am embittered with but eat up like the piece of shit I am anyway

  • danganronpa
  • love live
  • yugioh
  • sonic
  • fate/extra
  • fire emblem (awakening only, I don't like fates)
  • anime in general
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sep 16 2016 +

I LOVE music! I listen to a variety of genres, mainly rock and metal but also including punk, jazz, funk, classic west coast hip-hop, reggae, folk, swing, indie, etc. etc. Here's a list of some of my favorite albums to listen to!

  • Rust in Peace (Megadeth)
  • Bastards (Motörhead)
  • I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (My Chemical Romance)
  • Painkiller (Judas Priest)
  • The Chronic (Dr. Dre)
  • The Predator (Ice Cube)
  • Panic (Caravan Palace)
  • Once (Nightwish)
  • Pretty. Odd. (Panic! at the Disco)
  • The Flying Club Cup (Beirut)

Motörhead, Megadeth and MCR are my top three favorite bands and I like to talk about them a lot. I also admire a few Japanese game/anime composers, my favorites be...

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sep 16 2016 +

I'm not fictionkin but I'm fine with people who are. Keep in mind tho that I tend to faceclaim/associate with these characters just in case that comes into conflict with anyone else.

  • Touko/Hilda (pkmn) (MAIN)
  • Eli Ayase (love live)
  • Junko Enoshima (dr)
  • Tenryuu (kancolle)
  • Stocking (psg)
  • Konoka Konoe (negima)
  • Cordelia (fea)

(a few others but those are the bigger ones)

as a side note here are some other miscellaneous associations:

  • bunnies
  • skeletons
  • egg
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sep 15 2016 +
  • I am diagnosed with aspergers and ADHD. I used to take medications for this but I don't anymore as of a few years ago.
  • I might possibly have BPD but I have not been diagnosed as of yet. I definitely have stress/anger issues.
  • Severe depression/occasional thoughts of suicide.
  • Social anxiety.

All in all I think I'm p alright. Or not. idrc anymore and honestly I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing at this point.

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