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✦消さないでいて 覚えていて


「幸せ」 を拒んでしまったストーリー✦

haru follows:


✦ i love my characters a lot but i don't often speak about them at the level other stans do. i love the characters equally as everyone else, but if you think that i'm "fake" for not constantly posting about my favorite character don't follow.

✦ i DON'T get involved with drama unless you're a super close friend of mine. if you somehow expect me to defend you, don't follow

✦ also don't follow if you consider yourself a part of callout culture.

✦ don't follow if you fit the general criteria (racist, homophobic, sexist)

✦ you sexualize minors and you're 18+

✦ you're hatefollowing or intend to cause harm towards me or one of my friends/mutuals

✦ you believe in "cringe culture" and make fun of people who like undertale, mlp, etc

✦ you attack people for liking problematic characters

✦ you attack people for liking characters in general

✦ you don't like one of my friends

oct 7 2018 ∞
apr 18 2019 +