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  • Tranquil as a Forest [But on Fire Within... pg-13
    • → Kyungsoo, despite being fond of his apartment and lacking in most forms of social skills, is fairly excited to go on a three-week trip to China as a travel blogger in Baekhyun’s place. Or at least, he is until he learns he’s going with Kim Jongin, with whom he shares a...rocky history.
  • The Prince and His Dancerpg-13
    • → Kyungsoo has never seen Kai perform the same dance twice.
  • Through the Midnight Streets☆! r
    • → The trouble with first love is that it always feels like the last.
  • Hello Chibi: Demo Versionpg
    • → "Just think of him as a pet... That.....
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  • And the Rest is Rust and Stardust☆! nc-17
    • → Sehun has always been hesitant to unpack.
  • Tangled in White nc-17
    • → The problem with feelings is that they hit when least expected.
  • Bitter, Empty Taste of Whiter
    • → Oh Sehun is a teenage sex addict, sent to Joonmyun for gentle reform. Joonmyun isn't easily rattled, and he's dealt with a lot of things, but this kid seems hell bent on getting underneath his skin.
  • Sketch[y] nc-17
    • → "Who's this guy?" Krystal asks, plopping down beside Sehun on the grass and picking up his sketchbook. Sehun lazily lolls his head to the side to look at her as...
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  • Demon Tamer explicit
    • → "Oh, Baekhyun." Long fingers trail over the markings on Baekhyun's back, and the streets are filled with a dance of hellfire. "Has no one ever told you that Hell would love you?" The moon begins to bleed.
  • Too Closeexplicit
    • → Baekhyun's been sleeping in the living room, but Sehun won't get off the couch.
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  • I'll Love Your Shadow pg-13
    • → Former babysitter extraordinaire Park Chanyeol comes home from college and unexpectedly takes one last job - watching 17-year-old Sehun for the night.
  • This World Is Watching Mepg-13
    • abo!verse Sehun is not Chanyeol's to claim. And yet—
  • K.I.S.S [Keep It Simple, Stupid]r
    • → Sehun's the new guy in IT, and constantly having to fix the myriad tech issues of one Park Chanyeol. Kind of annoying, but mostly fine, until Sehun actually meets Chanyeol - because he isn't at all what Sehun was expecting.
  • Beauty Needs An Animal To Breathenc-17
    • → Sehun gets abandoned by his pack. Lon...
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  • Right Where It Starts And Ends pg-13
    • → A friendship born on paper takes its first steps.
  • You Who I Can't Touch [Who I Can't Pull
    • → Sehun did not know when he opened the box that the small silver bracelet he found inside—and the man who gave it to him—would have such a huge impact on his life.
  • Come Homenc-17
    • → Sehun doesn't want to be claimed just because everyone expects him to be, not even if the most plausible candidate for his mate is Tao, who smells so delicious Sehun's constantly dizzy with it
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  • So Pent Up [I Was Coming Home To You] nc-17
    • → "Yeah," Baekhyun says through a mouthful of beer as Joonmyun feels a tension headache coming on, "it's a nice place you've got yourself here." (or apartment hole!au)
  • Suho, No Swiping!nc-17
    • → Kim Joonmyun is very handsome, gay and single. Sehun’s out to fix it. “I mean, what kind of guy reads Cosmo and isn’t even slightly homo?”
  • On the Street Where You Livemature
    • → Jongdae meets Joonmyun in the form of the strange new client in the gay bar where he works. It all gets a bit complex from there.
  • Shot in the Dark [But I’ll Make It]r
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  • But For the Joy of Livingexplicit
    • → This isn’t the first time they’ve played this game. They’ve been at it long enough that they’ve begun keeping score, and Minseok is on a winning streak.
  • 첫 사랑 [First Love]r
    • → For some people, first love is found in a childhood friend, a high school crush or a next door neighbor. For Jongin, he finds it in a man twice his age.
  • Make It Worknc-17
    • → Jongin thinks he could love Minseok, but he doesn't think Minseok could love him back. Arranged marriage AU.
  • Aerosol Heartspg-13
    • → Minseok understands that his work is,...
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  • In A Few Dayspg
    • → Junmyeon finds the Kim brothers, Minseok, Jongdae and Jongin, on his doorstep and agrees to look after them for just a few days.
  • Linearpg
    • → Sehun is clingy. Everyone says so; it's a known fact. He needs to have his arms wrapped around someone else, requires the presence of another hand in his.
  • Hands, Hands, Hairexplicit
    • → Baekhyun thought his boyfriends would never find out about his hair fetish.
  • Bend Over Backwardsnc-17
    • → In which Jongin, Baekhyun and Chanyeol discover that Sehun has a very sensitive back.
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  • I Was Living in a Devil Town nc-17
    • → How to win friends and influence people in the zombie apocalypse.
  • Setting Fire to the Skypg-13
    • → Chanyeol’s wanted to be a Ranger since the day the first Kaiju attacked San Francisco, but you can’t pilot a Jaeger alone. His last chance comes in the form of golden boy Huang Zitao, and Chanyeol knows he’s in for one hell of a ride. Pacific Rim AU.
  • Red Red Redpg-13
    • → Sometimes people get sad and sometimes they go crazy but that doesn't mean they can't get family and love. or whatever. that's how Chanyeol gets good.
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  • Grey Zone explicit
    • → What were they? They were friends that surpassed the hyung-dongsaeng honorifics, but they were not just friends. Were they lovers? Fuck buddies with an emotional connection? Companions extended from a platonic relationship? What were they, really?
  • Come Here Rude Boy [Can You Get It Up]nc-17
    • → Lu Han's not sure if this is really his true calling in life, but Jongin makes the journey a little (harder) easier. Pornstars au.
  • Soft Focus [For Full Appeal]nc-17
    • → Lu Han likes how soft Jongin's tummy is when he's been too busy to work out.
  • Something Like Quick-witted Romancepg
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  • How to Pet: A Users Guidenc-17
    • → Luhan has never really been able to get along with cats. Until Joonmyun gets one and his life is turned into even more insanity that it already is.
  • All At Seanc-17
    • → Jongdae and his crew are captured by pirates, but neither the fearsome Exotic Pearl nor the mysterious pirate Lu Han are what he expects them to be.
  • It's Gonna Be Forever [Or It's Gonna Go
    • → There are a lot of things Jongdae wants out of life. Lu Han isn't one of them.
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  • Night of the Huntermature
    • → Jongin was born in the tribe as a omega and ever since he was a child he knew it was his destiny to be picked by a alpha as a mate. However he never imaged he would catch the attention of the heir to the tribe.
  • A Lover of Wordsmature
    • → When Zitao realizes his omega lover is a lot more self conscious than he ever imagined, he only wants to reassure him he's always going to be beautiful to him. Love never fades only grows stronger in appreciation.
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  • I'm Not a Catboy, I'm a Catman g
    • → Kyungsoo's catboy Sehun is impatient for his birthday present, but Kyungsoo's too busy getting ready for Sehun's birthday party to pay attention to him.
  • Softly, Gentlypg-13
    • → Kyungsoo takes care of his pack and that includes an injured Sehun who shows up at his door in the middle of the night. Wolf!au.
  • Blue Skies and Sunshine☆! pg-13
    • → Kyungsoo moves to smalltown Blue Creek with the assumption that he'll leave as soon as he graduates grade 12. But that's before he starts working at the stables with the owners' son, Sehun, and finds a few reasons that might be worth staying for.
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  • Trial and Error☆! explicit
    • → Baekhyun just wants to find his place in a pack that's falling apart.
  • Personal Spacepg-13
    • → Yixing has an inexplicable gut feeling that eye smile means more trouble than it lets on.
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  • [After a While] You Learn☆! 18+
    • → There are very few things harder for Joonmyun than being honest with himself.
  • A Light That Never Goes Outnc-17
    • → Baekhyun wants Joonmyun to be happy. But that entails certain sacrifices.
  • Five Oceans pg-13
    • → Somewhere between Newport and Punta del Este, Baekhyun falls in love with sailing all over again. or falls in love, sailing. possibly both.
  • Oh, Childpg-13
    • → Joonmyun falls in love with Jongin and is determined to call Jongin his.
  • Weakness.r
    • → Joonmyun takes advantage of Baekhyun'...
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  • I'm Here to Stay nc-17
    • → Chanyeol does not come home to a quiet house. Chanyeol enters his manor to the sound of shouting and hurries to the source - the library - where Xiumin stands far from what could only be called a cowering Kai.
  • You Belong With Me nc-17
    • → "You need a new companion," Jongdae says, cheerful as ever. But his eyes are a challenge, his expression daring Minseok to turn the pet away.
      • Jealousy in 5 Parts nc-17
        • →Chanyeol doesn't miss how quietly Minseok fades into the background sometimes, when Lord Jongdae visits.
  • Motion of the Oceannc-17
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  • The Heart Wantsmature
    • → Kyungsoo wants a forbidden fruit, he wants to break and bend the rules, because his heart tugs and pulls him towards his best friend, Minseok. His love confined with old traditions and roles he isn’t eager to fulfill.
  • The Earth Isn't Hummingnc-17
    • → Kyungsoo just has to kill the future King of the North. Simple, right?
  • Simple and Sweetg
    • → Because things are effortless when it's between them -- simple, to the point. Easy.
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  • Empire State of Mind nc-17
    • definitely read warnings! At some point, it became less about the money, and more for the thrill and satisfaction.
  • Watch This Spacemature
    • → Luhan has a habit of making terrible decisions. Stealing the Kim Kingdom's prince for example.
  • Conquernc-17
    • → Xiumin and Luhan have been rivals since high school and coincidentally, they’ve been fucking since high school.
  • Visions of Summer pg-13
    • → Luhan has never been good with children, but luckily he meets Minseok, an employee at the toy store who is also good with kids. As it turns out, it's not only t...
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  • Only Yoursexplicit
    • baekhyun/everyone Omega Baekhyun enjoys plenty of knots, but it's only Minseok he really belongs to.
  • Make That Flower Bloomnc-17
    • luhan/everyone As one of the few remaining alphas, it’s Luhan’s responsibility to breed his omegas.
  • Mascotnc-17
    • minseok/everyone The soccer team is doing better than ever and their little mascot might have something to do with it.
  • [All I Wanna See You In Is Just] Skinnc-17
    • jongin/everyone Everyone bangs Kai. At one point or other. No really.
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sep 13 2016 +
  • Preying On You Tonightnc-17
    • → Lay didn't plan on finding his mate. Neither did Suho. Neither did anyone else either honestly.
  • Aromatherapync-17
    • → For the first time in years, Jongdae has not one, but two alphas vying for his attentions.
  • Post Bluenc-17
    • model!au in which Kai, Sehun, and Lu Han are models, and they fall in love somewhere between airport codes and runway backstage (or not).
  • Office Anticspg-13
    • office!au Twelve guys and one software startup. Baekhyun’s that new guy, Chanyeol's the guy who falls for the new guy, Kyungsoo ha...
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sep 13 2016 +
  • Got Me On a Sugar Rushpg-13
    • → When Sehun agreed to compromise his relationship with his scalp for work purposes, getting a stalker-slash-admirer out of this whole thing wasn’t really the kind of bonus he was expecting. Candy store!au.
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  • You explicit
    • → Baekhyun is usually so sure of himself, but not when it comes to Minseok.
  • Stop Fallingmature
    • → Minseok absolutely does not need a soulmate. And he certainly does not need a nineteen-year-old soulmate. Unfortunately for him, Baekhyun isn't one to take rejection well.
  • Some Feelings [They Can Travel Too]pg-13
    • → Prince Baekhyun is born into a royal title and an arranged marriage. Modern Royalty AU.
  • I Put You Down 'Cause I Want You So Much...explicit
    • → Baekhyun likes to push Minseok's buttons. Sometimes Minseok lets him get away with it, others he likes to remind Baekhy...
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  • Tied and Tangled☆! r
    • → Chanyeol and Suho are soul mates, tied by the red thread of fate. The only problem is that Chanyeol is a bumbling high schooler, and Suho is a thirty-one year-old accountant who doesn't want anything to do with him. But people are tied together for a reason, and they're both about to find out why.
  • Raise Your Expectations☆! r
    • → In the heat of summer, Chanyeol walks in, and Joonmyun starts to wake up.
  • PUPpy Lovepg
    • → Chanyeol buys a program as a new way to organize his life and it comes in the form of an adorable little man that hangs out on the desktop of his computer.
  • Counting Stars on the Ceilingpg-13
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sep 13 2016 +
  • I Mean This Forever☆! nc-17
    • → Nothing cures the boredom of eternity like siring a new vampire.
  • Build Me Up From Bonesg
    • → Sehun still hasn't figured out how to navigate the overwhelming feelings that come with being Minseok's boyfriend. It's a good thing that Minseok is unendingly patient.
  • My Lap is Your Thronemature
    • → Sehun keeps Minseok's cock warm, keeps Minseok enthralled with his silence.
  • The Space Betweennc-17
    • → Sehun is a young heir to an Executive-class family who inherits control of a factory. He comes to the factory complex to begin learning how it works. His bedroo...
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  • Home Is Where You Are☆! nc-17
    • → Luhan is lost and homeless and Sehun is there to remind him that he doesn’t have to be.
  • Fenrirnc-17
    • → For as long as Luhan was alive, he'd believed he was a lesser rank, a person meant to be doted upon, meant to be cared for, meant to be protected. However, When Freshman Oh Sehun arrives in his third year, everything changes for him.
      • Alpha of the Eastnc-17
        • → Life has changed dramatically for Omega-turned-Alpha Lu Han - now graduated from University along with his mate, he must learn to accept his role as future Head Alpha, and train for battle against Nort...
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  • On the Booze With Brahms☆! pg-13
    • → Chanyeol has never heard someone say puppy like the asshole violinist next door does.
  • Promises to the Prince mature
    • → Chanyeol wants to be a knight, just like his father, and when he sees Prince Baekhyun for the first time, he decides that that is the person whom he’ll protect until the day he dies. They live, the laugh, they love, and then they become lost to each other, yet Chanyeol promises to every god out there that he’ll reclaim Baekhyun as his own, and no man shall stand in his way.
  • When I'm With You [I Have Fun] explicit
    • → After a decade away, Baekhyun returns to his hometown to work in his family's ...
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  • Can I Say I Love You?nc-17
    • → Jongin doesn’t exactly know how his unexpected night with a male escort was supposed to turn out, but he never thought it would lead him here
  • Young Oner
    • → There is no one in the world Jongin is more devoted to than the prince who saved his life.
  • Guardian☆! nc-17
    • → They spoke of him as though he were nothing more than a treasure found by the roadside. He bowed to his new master because it was polite, and because he knew of nothing else he could do.
  • Just Say Whenpg-13
    • → The story of how Kim Jongin goes fro...
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  • Peppermint Winterpg
    • → Kyungsoo went into social work to help people—to help adults. But when he meets Daeho, the firecracker young son of struggling single father Chanyeol, who’s part of their No Stocking Unstuffed Campaign, he realizes he may have to find a way to help everyone...including himself. It’s Christmas, after all.
  • Distancepg-13
    • → Kyungsoo meets a handsome stranger from California, finding his way through a language barrier and eventually his feelings.
  • This Must Be How It Feels g
    • → Chanyeol has come to expect this kind of life, the one of the unwanted hybrid. Then comes Do Kyungsoo.
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jan 31 2017 +
  • I've Fallen Into This Ocean Called You pg-13
    • → All joking aside, he'd known from the beginning that Chanyeol and Jongin were one day going to be ChanyeolandJongin, even if no one else seemed to see it.
  • Embedded Codeexplicit
    • → It started when Chanyeol's most recent composition, a bass heavy dance song, received a video response by user kaijong94. Online boyfriends meeting for the first time.
  • From Top To Bottom: A Guide to Finding
    • → Chanyeol wants nothing more than to work with the top actor in the company.
  • Capital Trouble nc-17
    • → Thank god for Park Chanyeol and his glorious tattooed body.
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sep 15 2016 +
  • [They Call It] Puppy Love☆! g
    • → Kyungsoo is a cool cat and Baekhyun is a warm puppy and both of them can use all the love they can get.
  • Under False Pretensespg-13
    • → When Baekhyun asks Kyungsoo to be his fake boyfriend for a week, he doesn’t expect him to say yes, and now he’s not sure that he can keep his real feelings separate from his pretend ones.
  • In the Territory of the Dragon King☆! nc-17
    • → There are so many ghosts on this island. Maybe that's why Do Kyungsoo has come: so his personal ghosts can get lost among them.
  • Something Called Impulsenc-17
    • → Kyungsoo hasn't felt anything like th...
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  • The Emblematicnc-17
    • → Baekhyun's never struggled before with the idea of being an alpha, of what it means to lead. He's been raised for success from day one, but never for failure. Luckily, Jongdae's there to help him learn what to do when he falls short.
  • Paperweightpg-13
    • → It hasn't felt like home after you
may 20 2015 ∞
sep 13 2016 +
  • Right Side Up or Upside Downmature
    • → Chanyeol wakes with a start on the day of his exchange. He's been anticipating this day since boyhood, and he's got a lot of expectations. (The least of which is a language barrier.)Yixing holds his breath and keeps his eyes closed when he wakes up. Let us make the most of this exchange, he had written. He isn't sure if he's ready to be awake yet.
  • A Lion Among Them☆! explicit
    • → Chanyeol will be a good alpha. Chanyeol will make a good mate. Chanyeol will take care of Yixing until Yixing loves him, and he will take care of Yixing even if Yixing never loves him. Still—sometimes, he likes to imagine Yixing already does.
sep 6 2016 ∞
sep 13 2016 +
  • A Day in the Life of Us mature
    • krisoo A day in the life of Kris and his very very bitchy mate. abo!au.
  • Dreaming Away the Cold of Wintermature
    • fanxing A career, public recognition, and an upcoming marriage to the General's daughter - Wu Yifan has everything one can possibly wish for, when they're freshly out of a devastating war. Then comes the mysterious Zhang Yixing, who teaches him that life isn't about fearing authority and blindly obeying commands; it's about chasing after what your heart desires the most.
  • Angel is the Centerfoldnc-17
    • krisho Joonmyun poses nude in a magazine to throw a little excitement into his painfully dull life. The last thing he expects is to stumble into a relationship because of...
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