• McGruff the Crime Dog
  • Mother Teresa, post-op
  • Sherrod Brown Senator for Ohio, post-op
  • Snap, but not Crackle or Pop
  • Mr. Aziz, minus 50 pounds and +18 heroin
  • Webster, covered in a pile of hot dictionaries
  • Hot Dictionaries, not created by that foul scum Webster
  • Brick Wall that faces me seductively
  • STalin why is he so hot omg help me pls
  • The Riddle Master
  • The Riddle Master's silent but humble sidekick, the Miniature Yorkshire Terrier who only goes by the name "Frisa Lank" but is also post-op
  • the inventor of tumblr
  • the inentor of hot tumblr dot zom
  • I lied about that last list forgive me
  • but srsyly don't
  • why am i falling
  • oh god i'm working my yoga muscles
  • the inventor of yoga muscles
oct 29 2012 ∞
oct 30 2012 +