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My boyfriend is sneaking around and making me a nerd. It is most upsetting. Here is the evidence:

  • videogames - suddenly i know things about them. And i want to play them. They are lying around my house. There are video game emulators mysteriously on my computer and, even more mysteriously, i know what that means...
  • rubik's cubes He practically tied me to a chair and taught me how to complete a rubik's cube. It was like when a kid wants to go outside and play but their dad makes them practice the spanish guitar until their little fingers bleed.
  • completely unnecessary knowledge He repeats random fun facts about movies, music, space, dead presidents, authors or whatever over and over and over again, until suddenly i know them too and am spouting them out to friends and family uncontrollably. very very clever...
  • PHYSICS??!! He made me take, and PASS, a physical science class, even though i hate physical science and don't need it at all. and now i know most of the periodic table by heart! eeeeeeeewwwwwwww
  • comic books. He made me read and even ENJOY a graphic novel. and whats worse, i want to read MORE!!!
  • nerdy dates Among going to the movies to see nerdy things like Zodiac, Sunshine and COUNTLESS super hero movies, we once went to a robot exhibit, followed by the live taping of a podcast!
  • GLASSES??! I know for a fact he sabatoged my new years eve so that i would lose my last contact, forcing me to wear my glasses until i visit my stupid optomotrist. what a MONSTER.
  • podcasts yesterday i hella watched a podcast on my own accord. I was alone. I sought it out. I ate taquitos and giggled at the top videogames of '08.
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