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tell me why {you're so far away}

  • pg-13 / 1k / canon compliant
  • jeon jeongguk is one hundred and seventy-eight centimetres of teenage angst and emotions.


  • pg-13 / 3k
  • “How much bubble bath did you use? I feel like I'm in a Prefect bathroom or something.” Jimin giggled as the bubbles surrounded him, tickling him further as they popped with a fizzle. “Enough to get you clean babe.” “Are you calling me dirty?”

win you over

  • pg-13 / 2k / college au
  • Jungkook can’t imagine kissing someone ...
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  • check one two
    • nc-17 / 7k / camboy au
    • for the first time ever, camboy jimin has a couple of guests on his show. or: Local Twink Gets Fucked Hard and Raw by Two Hotties.
  • loverboy
    • r / 9k / assassins & hitmen + magical realism
    • this much jimin’s figured out: sometimes, somehow, his words make people fall in love with him.
  • another person isn't always bad
    • r / 2k / pornstars au
    • “This is my second video. I am quite new at this.” His shaky laugh is directed...
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i don't know what the trick is, but baby...

  • pg / 2k
  • Jimin gets lost in the middle of a Halloween Horror Nights maze at Universal Studios. Taehyung’s a scare actor who falls a little in love.

two birds, one scone

  • pg / 8k / college au
  • in which Jimin works at the campus technical support centre and Taehyung learns that not all heroes wear capes.

for you, anything

  • pg-13 / 25k / married au
  • in which Taehyung and Jimin navigate through married life together, realising belatedly that it’s not always smooth sailing.
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playing at the front lines {please be mi...

  • pg-13 / 680 / olympics au
  • jimin is a men's individual archery gold medalist and yoongi is his coach. strings are pulled, feelings fly. love makes it's mark.

and everyone is singing {i hear those sl...

  • pg-13 / 4k
  • Yoongi hates Christmas. Jimin just sells scarves.

♡♡ light me up {i'll keep you warm}

  • pg-13 / 13k / college au
  • In which Jimin has a crush, yells a lot, and maybe falls into like.

ten things i love about you

  • pg / 4k / high school au
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it was a big world {but we thought we we...

  • pg / 15k / college au
  • At the age of five, Jeongguk wanted to hate Taehyung. At the age of sixteen, Jeongguk wanted to kiss Taehyung. At the age of eighteen, Jeongguk really didn't know what he wanted. The story of two childhood friends slowly inching towards each other.

try both, and pick a side

  • pg / 1k
  • in which jungkook attempts to find out which one's sweeter: taehyung or his beloved stash of chocolate. the results are extremely gratifying.

will you lie with me {and just forget th...

  • pg / 1k
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♡♡ in a tidal wave of mystery {you'd still ...

  • pg-13 / 7k / modern setting au
  • Who knew 8 years and 237 kilometres could feel like oceans and universes-- when the only person you've wanted nothing more in this world looks at you as if you're nothing more than a child?

one song glory

  • pg-13 / 14k
  • When Yoongi gets a drunken call from Jimin's friend Jeongguk in the middle of the night, he's ready to blow him off and go back to sleep. He never expected to end up doling out life advice and driving the kid home across half of Seoul.

i know i'll fall in love with you, baby

  • pg-13 / 31k / soulmates au
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