hey, im peter/dave

  • host of this dumbass system
  • im basically just dave strider and peter parker, whats up
  • im a fuckin mess tbh, theres more info on my garbage existence in the headmates list
  • to be honest im not available as often people seem to think i am??
  • like for some reason people think i front more than i ever do
  • believe it or not i dont actually front all that often at all
  • i mean you can ask for me if you wanna but i doubt you actually wanna talk to me, im a piece of actual garbage so youre more likely to wanna talk to someone else
  • if you actually wanna ask for me then thats cool, im always down to meet people
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  • in dark times there are two minds that work in rhymes
  • a tragedy, a miracle, a tragedy again,
  • a tragedy, a miracle, it seems youve lost some friends.
  • pain to one causes more to another
  • two places fall, one after the other
  • all down the path that is right, all who survive must seek the light
  • a tragedy, a miracle, a tragedy again,
  • a tragedy, a miracle, dont let the story end.
  • things get worse before they get better
  • beauty always arises after stormy weather
  • a punishment for overlooking the truth
  • it is time to work in groups.
  • do not fall and do not fail
  • listen well and you will prevail
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