• i want to slow dance with you to songs that remind us of each other in the middle of my room or the middle of our kitchen.
  • i want to make love to you. not just fuck around and make ourselves feel good with the limited time we have but like actually enjoy ourselves and take our time and talk during it and laugh and have a lovely time.
  • i want to build legos with you, flower legos, house legos, sanrio legos, anything you want i wanna build with you.
  • i want to watch a horror movie and be too scared to watch another one so i cuddle up to you while you switch it to a movie that will calm me down. and then fall asleep to said movie and wake up on the couch the next morning with a sore neck but happy because i get to wake up to you.
  • i want to go out on a picnic where we eat pie and strawberry shortcake, paint stuff for each other, eat berries, run around, see the sunset, kiss, talk for hours, and stay late enough to count as many stars as we can until it gets too chilly to be outside and then we have to go home.
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