made this list out of boredom last summer. :P

  • SMART. A good conversationalist with amusing interests.
  • Has a WITTY sense of humor who can make me laugh so hard.
  • SWEET. Has a unique way to make me go "kilig" ♥
  • MATURE. Knows when to act like an adult but can be very flexible.
  • PROTECTIVE. I like guys who sometimes look at me as a younger sister. :)
  • UNDERSTANDING. Understands when I say something weird, etc.
  • Loves my family and vice-versa.
  • A good son, brother, or relative to his family.
  • Not necessarily religious but God-fearing.
  • Listens to good music.
  • Knows how to appreciate art.
  • Attractive and neat-looking.
  • Can watch mushy romantic movies or "teleseryes" with me. HAHAHA :P
  • Love my friends and vice-versa. Can get along with them really well.
  • Love cats as much as I do!
  • Loves to go on food trips!
  • Knows how to make me cry in a good way.
  • GOOD KISSER! Hahaha! Loves HUGS as much as I do!
  • Pwede maging jologs minsan especially when I am having my jologs moments (for example, watching Tagalog movies HEHEHE :P)
  • Hindi corny, hindi KJ, hindi dorky (in a very scary and weird way), hindi boring, hindi manhid, hindi maarte na parang bading, hindi vain, hindi moody at lalo nang hindi mayabang.
  • Would make me stay in a long relationship with him. :)
  • And finally, LOVES ME SOOOO MUCH! :)
sep 30 2008 ∞
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