Goals and Dates:

  • Nov 30th 2017 - 7 month goal/deadline to have a painting to enter into the Dalhousie Art Gallery SSFA show.
  • Christmas – make a calendar of my art work to give as gifts? Walmart $22.42 per 12″x12″ 12 month calendar. Need 13: Mom/Dad, Melanie, Katie, Ryan, Bertha, David/Robin, Alison, Vivien, Josh, Savannah, Nathan, Jacob, plus 1 for me. Maybe more?
  • September-Dec –> SIGNED UP FOR: CRWR 2001 Creative Process - Tue/Thurs 4-5:30pm

Things to do [no order]:

  • Develop Tumblr Blog for art
  • Learn to use new camera to record art progress
  • Counseling through EFAP workhealthlife.com: ONLY GET 3 SESSIONS
  • Buy and re-read The One Thing. The One Thing workbook?
  • Read and use Get Out of Your Mind & Into Your Life
  • Uninstall computer games
  • Sketchbook, for use at work or other places
  • Join VANS - potential workshops, or mentorship program in 2-3 years
  • Better time management: develop specific times for art, various chores, planning/review, down time
apr 17 2017 ∞
may 17 2017 +