• Just don't be too nervous and take the interview as a conversation between a party trying to understand you better. Remember that the interviewers are not trying to find your faults. They are instead trying to shed light on your suitability for the organisation. Finally, be tactful, confident, firm, honest and sincere when answering questions
  • show the interviewers you are a person of character/leadership/initiative and maturity. Show them that you are in control of your life, and you know your directions and options. Show them you can contribute, that you are an asset, not a liability. The interviewers are there to find reasons to award you the scholarship, not find reasons not to award you.
  • What is your reason to apply for scholarship? (be both honest and creative) / What is your desired course of study, and why? / What do you see yourself in 5/10/15 years time? / How are you going to add value to the sponsoring organisation? / How have you mapped out your life? / What do you do on a typical day?
  • I think they look for confidence and coherence (in explaining and defending your opinions)
  • There were 3 interviewers (2 females & 1 male). They asked about my family, CCA and my experience at school. They also mentioned that most of the applicants are doing finance, accounting, business etc, and asked me why I applied for OCBC scholarship when I am going to do engineering (btw, OCBC scholarship is bondless). / Why do you think you were successful? Probably I sounded confident during the interview. I think my scholarship essay was pretty well written too. / Any advice/comments: Be very certain of what you want and give honest answers to their questions.
  • don't ever lose confidence at any point of the application. make sure some prep work is done before the interview.
  • But just stick to your beliefs and to your passions, display them and display them confidently. Hope for the best and pray hard!
  • Do your homework, find out what the organisation is about, their mission, vision, core values, most upcoming projects. Find out who they are looking for, make sure you show the part of yourself that tells them you're the guy you're looking for. Be confident and stick to your guts and beliefs. Oh, and try not to offend anyone unless you are able to explain yourself away very well.
  • I was confident. Just relax and be sincere.
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