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  • Almost every time I laugh, I cry. I have a lot of issues with eye makeup. Also, bladder control.
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  • I am a very deep sleeper. I have absolutely no trouble falling asleep practically anywhere.
  • I can't listen to any type of music when I'm doing school work. *Introvert*
  • I have a bit of an OCD to carry water bottles with me around the house. I'm always grabbing a new one out of the fridge and end up having half a dozen bottles on my desk. It drives my mom crazy. Think of Bo from Signs (2002).
  • I have the potential to be a really romantic person, I just don't put any thoughts into action.
  • I laugh when I'm nervous or uncomfortable.
    • I did this once when someone mentioned their dead family member.
  • I rocked my natural skin to prom. No makeup besides lip gloss.
    • It wasn't exactly intentional... I just didn't start getting ready until an hour before I had to leave, lol.
  • I sometimes mumble in my sleep.
    • I have spoke out clearly once. I said my roommate's name followed by saying that my boobs hurt.
  • I'm not religious, but I like listening to gospel music.
  • Whenever I'm truly hiding from someone (for fun, like hide and go seek), I instantly have the urge to pee. It comes on very strong. -_-

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apr 7 2009 ∞
apr 27 2011 +
user picture teneil: ahaha, you're so lucky you mumble. i actually talk in my sleep, it's embarrassing and my boyfriend hates it. apr 8 2009
user picture Amaris: I always have an urge to pee when I'm hiding too! I thought I was the only one, HAHAHA. Whenever I'm hiding with someone, I'm always like, "I need to pee." It's weird! Hahah. apr 9 2009