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hi i love cats and instant noodles

sol follows:

this list is mainly for me so i can go back to it whenever (and to look back at the things i used to like, for memories and stuff) , so you arent rly obligated to read it or anything lmao

‣ music:

  • utaite: i'm very, Very much into them. will talk about them anytime, anywhere (especially soraru and mafumafu)
  • loona: i very much enjoy the music and theories and stuff, u know, the concept in general, but i mostly keep all the talk abt them on priv
  • hypmic: hm i dont rly follow the story that much anymore but i still love the music and all

‣ tv shows:

  • umbrella academy
  • odaat
  • b99
  • the good place

and idk i forgot

‣ movies:

  • mcu: currently rewatching everything
  • shrek 2: its my favorite movie ever

‣ mxtx:

  • literally everyone is yelling at me to read tgcf AND IM TRYING TO but my attention span is that of a rat, but one day i will catch up with it because i live for hua cheng
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