includes new fic posted 2015 and forward!

  • middle ground Jonny, Patrick, and an excellent adventure. 20.5K/Explicit
  • rough patch "You gave me stubble burn, didn't you?" Jonny accuses.“Well,” Patrick says. “I didn’t mean to, but I won’t say I don’t like it.” 2.1K/Explicit
  • jehanne toews Have 2000 words of Patrick Kane, hockey star, and Jonny Toews, college student. On-Going/Explicit
  • special teams Jonny isn't prepared. 27.5K/Explicit
  • friend like me It wasn’t as beautiful as most oil lamps, Patrick surmised. It was a little stained, the ceramic chipped in places, but a meticulously crafted leaf sat nestled at the open mouth and Kaner dragged his fingertips over it. 23.2K/Explicit
  • you got a look in your eyes Patrick is totally going to add “made a ballet fan out of professional hockey star Jonathan Toews” to his resume, even if he probably didn’t manage it all on...__10.8K/Explicit__
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  • 12 days of kaisoo Jongin gives himself a deadline: confess to his best friend by Christmas. -R


  • a beast in repose A modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. And by modern I mean no magic or curses or castles, so bear that in mind please. -NC17
  • a bloody heir Blood is just blood until it's Kyungsoo's he's dealing with. -NC17
  • a breach of security Kyungsoo is a fugitive and Jongin is an alien, but other than that, this is probably your typical love story. Well, if typical love stories include breaking-and-entering, bubble wrap, and a puppy (or two). -PG13
  • à contre-jour In which Kyungsoo is a commercial art collector and Jongin does not come home. Art AU. -R
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Exo First Box

youtube ☆

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missing dates are either fansigns, airport days, live perfs, or no schedule

Mama Exo K


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updated tv show list bc i am a MESS

currently watching

  • breaking bad s3
  • empire s1
  • how to get away with murder s1
  • veep s4
  • x files s1

on hold

  • daredevil(5/13)
  • house of cards s3
  • jane the virgin (10/22)
  • the 100 s2
  • the mindy project s3
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