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get out of my way now before i set you on fire .

prince follows:
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my kin list / characters i heavily relate to. idc about doubles and i dont take kin too seriously but simply as a coping method and nothing else.

extremeists dont interact!


    • MILES UPSHUR / outlast
    • MICHAEL MELL / be more chill
    • BAKUGOU KATSUKI / bnha
    • KAMINARI DENKI / bnha

CORE IDs still me, but

    • ROBERT SMALL / dream daddy
    • SAYORI / ddlc
    • IZUKU MIDORIYA / bnha
    • YOSAFIRE / the gray garden
    • DAMIEN LAVEY / monster prom
    • MORTIMER SMITH / rick & morty
    • KAORU SETA / bang dream! girls band party

i have unlisted ones hmu


THE!!VILLAIN!!DEKU!!!AU!!!MAKES!!ME!!SO!!FUCKING!!HAPPY!!! he is my current hyperfixation dont @ me

EVIL MORTY is SUCH a good villain and though like deck i dont approve of his ways im so in LOVE with complex characters

every bnha chara ever except mineta and endeavor they can die ♡ warren graham ♡ panty anarchy ♡ any of ur ocs ♡ waylon park ♡ blake langermann ♡ eddie gluskin ♡ lucio ♡ yoosung kim ♡ jihyun kim ♡ okay the entire mm squad at this point ♡ ALL THE MONSTER PROM CHARACTERS + more just ask !

nov 12 2017 ∞
oct 23 2018 +