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just a simple human bean trying to live my life. im a singer and napper obsessed with empathy and my best friends. im just trying my best okay.

emily follows:
skye Korean books (Upper Intermediate~Advanced)
about me (general things)
hsing Korean
about me


-93 liner, born in craig CO

-TaLK scholar~ i teach at an elementary school in yeongam, jeollanam-do in south korea -i live in mokpo

-ba in communications, minor in musical theatre from colorado christian university

-singer -> trained in musical theatre, opera, and jazz

-singing is everything to me, my absolute passion and my motivation for most things in life.

-dancer -> trained in ballet, tap, and modern

-currently trying to learn korean

-5'8"(174 cm)

-mbti: enjf-t

-no my hair is not naturally this light and yes i do it by myself

apr 6 2016 ∞
may 15 2017 +