• a long way to fall78k. After a one-night stand, a stalker becomes obsessed with Edgeworth and begins wreaking havoc on his life. Phoenix tries to help and support him through the ordeal. But things soon get out of hand: Edgeworth is forced into hiding, the FBI is called in, and someone's life is in very real danger.
  • a turnabout toast68k. Post-GS4, an estranged Phoenix and Miles respond to a friendly challenge from an unexpected source: do three things each to fix your lives.
  • how to court a fool in under three months ♡ → 87k. After overhearing a conversation before one of Trucy's shows, Edgeworth finds out Phoenix has agreed to his daughter's request to start dating again once the year ends.
  • il suo nido79k. Of seven year gaps, misunderstandings, and being hauled into (supposedly) radio competition-won trips to the Mediterranean.
  • legal partners ♡ → 132k. Miles Edgeworth isn't totally sure how he ended up in this bet to demonstrate the strength of his and Phoenix Wright's (entirely professional and platonic! really!) relationship, but he knows it's Klavier's fault.
  • meet me in twenty ♡ → 20k. canon compliant fic, tracking the progress of phoenix and miles' relationship over the course of the games.
  • nihil dicit87k. Miles Edgeworth has some figuring out to do, now that he's back and officially not dead. He's not the only one. Between Phoenix Wright getting his life back on track and Edgeworth now apparently moonlighting as a detective, some serious decisions need to be made without the assistance of alcohol or Larry Butz. Maybe even with a little bit of maturity on both of their parts. Or not.
  • project: matchmakers126k. An excitable group of girls (and a reluctant Apollo) team up to make Phoenix and Miles realize they're crazy about each other. But are such measures really necessary?
  • the art of bluffing ♡ → 53k. All Trucy wants is for her father to be happy. But what exactly does Phoenix want?
  • the manny named miles25k. Phoenix didn't plan on being a single dad, but he IS now, and he needs help in looking after Trucy while he goes back to law school. Miles isn't what people expect when they think of a highly qualified nanny, but he's good at what he does. Now, if only they can convince Trucy to stop trying to force them together... Or, well, maybe they shouldn't.
  • the walk to tomorrow11k. After all they've been through, it's strange that something so important could be so simple, but for Miles and Phoenix, falling in love, at least, doesn't have to be the end of the world.
  • you and me and my ghost roommate makes three21k. Miles Edgeworth has a ghost problem. Well, he has a lot of problems. But his apartment isn’t haunted. If you asked, he would look at you sourly as if you had told a particular distasteful joke and say: “No, of course not. The windows have always rattled ominously, and only sometimes do my tea cups float by themselves. It happens to everyone.”
  • yours, mine, and maybe ours13k. Phoenix convinces Miles to bring Trucy in with him for Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, despite Miles' misgivings. Everything becomes even more complicated when Kay Faraday and Shi-Long Lang call on him for assistance.
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