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read thru and dm me the password for me 2 confirm ur follow req

becks follows:
  • im becks but id prefer u can call me any of my kin names or my current shift
  • i go by they/he pronouns but u can call me she in a female shift. only call me she in yuri & lup shifts nothing else
  • im a minor
  • i have depression and have + am struggled w e/d so i use this acc to vent a lot as well. out of shift vents are usually kept to my story unless im venting via a kin.
  • relating to the pronoun thing! yuri shifts for me are incredibly chaotic and dangerous so i really wouldn’t recommend interacting during shift unless you are my canonmate.
sep 1 2018 ∞
nov 18 2018 +


・ racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc

・ you ship or support incest/pedo/abuse especially stridercest

・ terfs & tucutes slap ur balls & die challenge

・ u ship dirk<3roxy

・ u are factkin, hamilkin, or hetaliakin

・ ddlg do not associate. at all. dont talk about it on my feed unless ur bashing. non sexual age regression is completely valid but it makes me extremely uncomfortable as well

・ u kin mark jefferson, mc from ddlc, or any of my kins marked =

・ anti-kin and or invalidate ppl

・ u post untagged about e/d or self harm

・ you post pics of people with visible bones, especially ribs

・ you associate w a nycstuck minor who ...

sep 1 2018 ∞
nov 18 2018 +
  • ♥♡♥ Derik ♥♡♥

my fuckin lovely partner, and actual angel??? he is the light of my damn life and i love him so so much. if u touch him w ill intent i will rip u apart w my bare hands. hes @theprinceof8itches, my dirk my gamzee my lup my love <3  

  • ♥♡♥ Tate ♥♡♥

my moirail!! irl chloe price and literally the biggest blessing. i love them so so much theyve been such a good influence in my life plus theyre just. perf. i wld kill or die 4 them, j'aime tellement. @tentaclepissed, my rose x2 my chloe damara my rail <>

  • ♥♡♥ Jake ♥♡♥

not a quadrant but equally adored i stg? lil shithead who likes 2 harass me for fun but a singular lovely bastard, id die f...

sep 1 2018 ∞
sep 1 2018 +

doubles shiz doesnt apply if i follow u first!!

  • + okay w doubles
  • ~ iffy w doubles
  • = no doubles


  • roxy lalonde ~
  • jade harley +
  • max caulfield =
  • tavros nitram +
  • barry bluejeans +
  • meulin leijon =
  • lup taaco +
  • phosphophyllite =
  • yuri (ddlc)=
  • rufioh nitram +
  • harry potter =
  • denki kaminari +
sep 1 2018 ∞
nov 18 2018 +

if im not doing 2 great any of these things/characters r liable to help cheer me up

  • edits of any of my kins!!!
  • cute cats + dogs
  • art of the striders + beta kids
  • nepeta leijon
  • slime videos (the rlly textured/colored ones r the best)

thank u for reading!!! plz hmu to trade mems i love u all. the password is: down and jiggy with it

sep 1 2018 ∞
sep 1 2018 +