☆ songs with messages i adore ☆

  • apink - no no no
    • why are you hanging your head down low without a word? / when people start to leave you one by one in this world / i’ll shine on you / don’t be sad no no no / you’re not alone no no no
  • bestie - thank u very much
    • don’t be deceived, i may be smiling / but tonight will be the last time you see me / i feel so relieved so i sing / inside my head, you’re gone / that’s you, it’s a relief
  • delight - mega yak
    • shut up, i’m the best / quickly kneel before me right now / beg me for forgiveness / can’t live anymore, i’m free / i will dump you coolly
  • fat cat - is being pretty everything?
    • is being pretty everything? / do you only look at the outer image? || i’m beautiful / you’re beautiful
  • girl's day - female president
    • go to him first and tell him he’s yours / you can do it now, you start first / our country’s president is now a female / so what’s the big deal? / why can’t girls do it first?
  • glam - i like that
    • i’m alright even when i’m alone || but i do well on my own / actually, i kind of like that / i will be the old me once again
  • glam - in front of the mirror
    • i may not be pretty but / honestly, my heart would be beautiful / if only i could show people my heart like magic / i think i could love and date
  • glam - party xxo
    • are you a boy? girl? / i don’t care, passion is the key || a kiss xxo / anyone can be a romeo / a touch of your lips xxo / if the heart starts to race, you’re juliet
  • ladies code - pretty pretty
    • guys keep giving me gifts when i don’t have any interest / guys, please just leave me alone / (you’re the prettiest girl in the world, please accept my love) / no matter how hard you try, i just like being alone right now
  • lee hyori - miss korea
    • are others eyes that important? / does it feel like it’s your fault when something goes bad? / no, it’s not like that, come here, it’ll be okay / you’re miss korea
  • lim kim - all right
    • you’re not that great, i’m alright || these days, i’m alright / even when you’re gone, all right / a breakup is nothing, it’s alright
  • lipservice - yum yum yum
    • a war with my weight / ow, my head / i count the calories that come every day || diet, diet, damn that diet / yo yo is coming, man i'm tired
  • miss a - i don't need a man
    • i can live well without a man / so if you’re not confident, don’t come to me / i don’t sell myself easily
  • ns yoonji - the reason i became a witch
    • the reason i became a witch / the reason why i’m cursing you (now) / hurry and run away / i’m a girl with a gun
  • puer kim - manyo maash
    • i don't try to fit in when i know i was born to stand out
  • sunny hill - grasshopper song
    • take a rest and let’s go together, let’s go peacefully / everything’s so busily busily passing, busily passing / let’s just sing a song, let’s just play
  • sunny hill - midnight circus
    • here comes the highlight of the show / and no one was there, in this lit up place / on top of the empty stage i was crying and laughing alone / i had no place to go after the show was over / in the glamorous lights
  • yaori - excuse me
    • do you know what pain is by any chance? / do you know how to cry by any chance? / do you know what loneliness is by any chance?
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