• Aurora 2014 - Aurora is usually a toddler when I try to picture her. She's either dark blonde or has brown locks. Her hair is never really brushed unless it is a special occasion. She would still come home with more of a lion's mane in the evening (maybe not that wild), even when you brush it in the morning. It falls slightly below her shoulder blades and the brown haired Aurora also has her ends curling a bit. She lives in an old house with a big garden to play in. She loves to put on her wellies, grab a bucket and just wander off, hoping to find worms or other little things to bring home. She loved painting and in the summer there's usually a long roll of paper and some paints laying around outside. In the winter she loves to fingerpaint on the dining table (she would love to paint on the table but is fine with using paper also). While doing that she hums a little song and smiles and laughs about her work (or something her brother said or did). She enjoys reading and often drags a pile of books through the house until she find someone who reads to her. She also loves to "silly dance" in her pajamas before she goes to bed. Bedtime isn't easy with her, though. She always gets up many times before falling asleep. The world is just too exciting. She also really enjoys looking at the stars with her binoculars and a map of the sky. Aurora will get her stuffed animal, a chair, a blanket and tea and sit outside for hours, just staring up. When dressing in the morning I see her going for something pretty but practical (or so she thinks and then she comes home with ripped tights). I can see her wearing vintage-looking (think kids in the 40s to 60s) dresses, cardigans and tights in autumn colours which make her brown eyes (or green eyes with brown specks) seem even warmer than they already look. And while those clothes look all sweet in the morning, they're usually covered in dust in the evening when she comes back from one of her many adventures. She generally is a very wild child (but not crazy or just loud) who loves nature and climbing trees, camping, open fires and playing hide and seek in the woods, however she also has a soft and gentle side. She will wear her fairy wings from the moment she gets them until they're falling apart. She loves her yellow wellies more than anything and flower crowns or tree houses are not far behind.


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