• i try to keep some stuff to my personal but i have fucking ADD so it doesn't work out. a lot.
  • i'm an incorrigable bleeding heart commie sjw so there will be leftist memes (trying to keep to personal, again), some rts of bad things going on. i strongly avoid rting super triggering things such as news of hate crimes/murders, terfs, etc
  • if you're following me solely for my art i am So Sorry
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not an exhaustive list, but some of the more notable and/or recent ones

  • madoka magica
  • we know the devil
  • love live! (moreso sunshine!)
  • brooklyn nine-nine
  • fruits basket
  • yugioh/ gx (my childhood)
  • houseki no kuni
  • the golden girls

less passionate about:

  • symphogear
  • danganronpa

non-fandom interests:

  • psychology/sociology, anthropology, etc
  • literature & lit analysis
  • filthy leftist
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