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a list compiling all of VICTON'S media, including TVicton, MVs, variety shows, and etc.
for those who want to stan victon :D!

i do not take any credits for all translations,
videos, or subtitles placed in this listography. all credits go to their respective owners :>

//inspired by nctfield! W.I.P!! to submit anything i've missed :) + last updated: 06/11/19

FOR VICTON follows:
Nicole K-Pop (Victon Variety/Reality Shows)
K-Pop (VAV Variety/Reality Shows)
K-Pop (Snuper Variety/Reality Shows)

inactive criteria: for 2 months or more. + the list is quite lengthy at 7 pages.

sources: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + scavenger hunting

  • Listography cannot contain all of the fansites so I’ve decided to keep it as a document. The layout was intended for me to copy-paste the list immediately into listography without re-formatting, so I apologize if it looks strange!
  • Some fansite name translations were blatantly put into google translate, as I am not fluent in Korean myself. Any corrections or any fansites I may be missing, please send to my curiouscat!

VICTON Fansites List Document

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PF: Performed By + PD: Produced By + WR: Written By

all credit are in the descriptions of the videos!

VICTON Sound (Original)

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album titles lead to spotify, others lead to the music video (if available) please support victon by buying their albums if you're able to!

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