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A list compiling all of VICTON'S media, including TVicton, MVs, variety shows, and etc.
For those who want to stan Victon & Alices alike :D!

I do not take any credits for translations,
videos, or subtitles placed in this listography. All credits go to their respective owners :>

Twitter account is readyvicton for questions/submissions + Last updated: 11/12/19

FOR VICTON follows:
Nicole K-Pop (Victon Variety/Reality Shows)
K-Pop (VAV Variety/Reality Shows)
K-Pop (Snuper Variety/Reality Shows)

Original Shows (All Playlists)

Drama / Music Video

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Inactive criteria: for 2 months or more. Last Updated: 10/20/2019

  • Updated every 2-3 months.
  • Some fansite name translations were blatantly put into google translate, as I am not fluent in Korean myself.
  • Any corrections or any fansites I may be missing, please send to my curiouscat, or DM me on twitter!
    • The curiouscat/twitter I linked is an account made to promote the VICTON database, it contains twitter lists of active fansites for easy following!

VICTON Fansites List Document

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PF: Performed By + PD: Produced By + CP: Composed By + WR: Lyrics Written By

All credits are in the descriptions of the videos! The links here lead to YouTube, but these are also uploaded to VICTON's SoundCloud!

VICTON Sound (Includes original compositions & covers)

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Album titles lead to Spotify, others lead to the music video (If available) Please support Victon by buying their albums if you're able to!

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