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  • A Albatross, Wild Beasts
  • B Bad Girls, M.I.A.
  • C Changes, LOL Boys (Shlomo Remix)
  • D Dr. Strangeluv, Blonde Redhead
  • E Eu Sou Passiva, Mas Meto Bala, ???
  • F Falling Man, Blonde Redhead
  • G Go With the Flow, Queens Of The Stone Age
  • H how to never stop being sad, dandelion hands
  • I I Don't Love Anyone, Belle & Sebastian
  • J Just Do It, Copacabana Club
  • K
  • L Les Jours Tristes, Yann Tiersen
  • M Most Roads Lead To Home, Listener
  • N No One Would Riot For Less, Bright Eyes
  • O Oh, Why, Balam Acab
  • P Peace, Depeche Mode
  • Q Quem Tem Coragem Não Finge, Rodox
  • R Run Baby Run, Garbage
  • S Soldier of Love, Sade
  • T Through The Roof 'N' Underground, Gogol Bordello
  • U Ushna & Jalan, Cyril Morin
  • V
  • W Wenn Es Passiert, Wir Sind Helden
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  • Y
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