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howdy. feel free to use the search bar because i type many words.

  • marshall
  • he/him or they/them
  • 18
  • trans masc nonbinary; ace
  • vietnamese
  • INFP big time introvert but if i am enabled i can and will have many words
  • english, but i have awful grammar and make typos a lot when on my phone (which is how i type 90% of the time)
  • sometimes i spout words in fr/vt. feel free to disregard
  • ASL is also a language i have basic knowledge in. but again feel free to disregard
jul 17 2020 ∞
jul 22 2020 +

if you're here from my sketch account instagram

  • i just dump all my OC content there idk what else to say about it
  • FUB free; free to follow/unfollow/block :-)
  • not an account im on a lot, but sometimes i upload a lot in a short period of time
  • sometimes i ramble in the caption/comments (usually about my OCs) or post multiple things very quickly
  • posts are Generally in chronological order of when i drew them
  • usually post is from the same day i drew it or very close to when i did. otherwise i usually put the date. i put the date for my traditional sketches 98% of the time
  • when i upload sometimes i have a timelapse on one of the slides and it takes a ver...
jul 22 2020 ∞
aug 1 2020 +

if you're here from my personal twitter

  • more or less a place for me to ramble into the void. lots of RTs, rambles, spam ...
  • FUB free; free to follow/unfollow/block :-)
  • i RT a lot of art. a lot of it is fanart! however i am not into a lot of the things i RT.
  • i definitely RT art from the things im into too, but truly i RT art because I Just Think It's Neat
  • feel free to ask me if im into a certain thing though! (i haven't really considered myself a part of fandoms for a while but there are definitely shows, games, stories, etc. i'm into! some i don't even RT/post about lol)
  • twitter was originally a space for me to shout Into the Void and while nowadays i try to limit myself in how many of my tho...
jul 19 2020 ∞
aug 1 2020 +
  • i mostly use Twitter/Instagram; if you need to contact me feel free to message me on either
  • actively on Twitter is 50/50 sometimes; feel free to @ me or message me on both accounts if you really want my attention lol
  • more active on my main/art on Instagram
  • message me anywhere for my discord!
  • irls contact me via text/call if it is truly urgent (i insist. if it's very urgent PLEASE do)
  • things i actually get a banner/ping about i'm more likely to see! the louder and more visual the notification the more likely i'll see it lol
jul 17 2020 ∞
aug 1 2020 +

quickest to slowest ways for me to get a message

  • call by # (or discord? i don't know for sure)
  • text by # or discord
  • main instagram or either one of my twitters
  • sketch instagram
  • email
  • tumblr
  • any other platform. i am so many things but so very inactive
aug 1 2020 ∞
aug 1 2020 +
  • if something i said was a bit vague, questionable, etc. please don't hesitate to reply/comment/DM me! i wish to clarify things so there will be less misunderstandings!
  • i can be very oblivious so REALLY—just be upfront about what you want to know or ask of me. if you don't then perhaps everything will just stay a mystery
  • i don't see every single thing someone does, so if i'm following someone who's done some shit, show me some sources and let me know!
  • basically.., please don't be afraid to tell me about something!
  • with that, also, if you run into a post you think i will like, feel free to show me! (especially art! i love so much art....,)
  • i am literally not annoyed by people talking to me. i may get tired easily from ta...
jul 22 2020 ∞
aug 1 2020 +

so are you gay or straight?

  • i am neither

so are you gay or ace?

  • i am ace/asexual!
  • i use "gay" very very loosely. i don't vibe with calling myself mlm or nblm. idk
  • gender is weird because me liking a girl does not make me straight; however i am not a lesbian or wlw in any way. i am simply Not Straight this is all i know

so are you a boy or a girl?

  • no

so are you a boy or nonbinary?

  • i am nonbinary! i am fairly masc aligned in my identity. however i don't really like to refer to myself as male or ftm.
  • i am trans because i have such a heavy detachment to my agab. although nonbinary f...
aug 1 2020 ∞
aug 3 2020 +