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about me:

  • nat /natalie ; they /she/he ; white
  • biochem grad student ; mtl
  • 1997 ; aries ☼ / pisces ☾ / cancer ↑
  • tweets in english, i'm also near-fluent in spanish & know some french


sep 19 2018 ∞
aug 30 2021 +
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most of what i care about is music related

  • rateyourmusic
  • my spotify u/n has my last name in it so i won't link it publicly, just ask me
  • still in my idol fan phase; sometimes i make videos about it

other media:

  • arknights (nsch#4963, lmk before u add so i can open a friend list slot)
  • i will livetweet baseball games not sorry
  • i spend an ungodly amount of time listening to podcasts (pop culture or paranormal generally, stream eating for free) and have approximate knowledge of many things


jun 5 2020 ∞
aug 13 2021 +
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  • in order to be a functional rat brain disorder haver i typically will not engage with details of tragedies or crimes
  • if i say something wrong or disagreeable and you want to talk, i prefer having those conversations privately

twitter specific:

  • i'm on metwt where i say whatever i want (this is a personal account)
  • requests are fine (please be 18+) dfi ur terrible etc etc
  • screenshots/reposts ok usually
  • i'd rather you unfollow me than mute my account
  • i tag common content warnings (nsfw, abuse, etc) but please ask for others directly or indirectly
  • otherwise please don't subtweet me, i'll softblock if you won't do it yourself
feb 25 2021 ∞
aug 13 2021 +