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  • nov. 1: the solemnity of all saints
  • nov. 2: all souls day
  • nov. 3: st. hubert's feast day
  • nov. 4: mr. robert mapplethorpe's birthday! :D
  • nov. 10: wwii film screening!
  • nov. 11: armistice day — wwi ends 101 years ago
  • nov. 13: godfather part ii screening @ 7:00
    • robert !!!!!!!!! :0) ♡♡♡ i love u!!
  • nov. 19: leave for new york city — solo trip!!
    • train departs @ 7:45 am
  • nov. 20: mapplethorpe exhibition @ the guggenheim
  • nov. 20: metropolitan museum of art!!
  • nov. 24: the feast of Christ, King of the universe
    • mass @ 11:30 am
  • nov. 26: ford v ferrari @ 10:20 am
  • nov. 26: midway @ 2:00 pm
  • nov. 28: thanksgiving
  • nov. 29: black friday shopping w the girls!


  • conquer nanowrimo!!
    • finish a glass of dust
    • finish lament for three graves in the arctic
  • watch the godfather before part ii screening
  • familiarize yourself with dramatic structure
    • finish screenwriting book
    • read one play
    • watch one play online
  • one historical costume drawing a day
    • use book from last christmas!


  • henrik ibsen, the master playwright!!
  • paul dano ˙ᵕ˙ most talented most insightful man!! i feel like we would get along rlly well ;w;
  • robert mapplethorpe, always and always and always


  • the 1845 franklin expedition
  • peanut butter hot chocolates... the perfect warm-n-cozy drink for spinning a yarn about the arctic!
  • jonny greenwood's score for there will be blood...
  • the short film lefty / right
    • we love you lewis king of acting king of being a cowboy on and off screen....yall better support my boy!


  • he whom the gods love
    • greek tragedy
  • lament for three graves in the arctic
    • three act play
  • a glass of dust
    • three act play


  • the terror — season one ↺


  • i told amanda about my screenplay and in her last letter she was like ur medic character sounds cute....is he single? LMAOOO
  • i wrote my first play !!! oh my gosh !!! i am a playwright !!!! ;♡;
  • that dream i had about david lynch.........NICE
  • yes i cried watching a montage of films from the past decade yes it had mia and sebastian's theme as the music and that made me cry harder yes i love cinema more than anything in the entire world no i am not taking any questions at this time
  • yo i started this month never having written a single play and now i have. two under my belt WHAT
    • my entire family at thanksgiving: weird flex but okay SNBDSNBDSNDS


  • me, seeing there's only one copy of sebastian's moby dick adaptation left in stock: SLAMS THE ADD TO CART BUTTON
  • being a playwright be like ok i'm reading all of my older male characters in daniel plainview's voice......ugh my mind
    • daniel day-lewis made there will be blood to torment me and specifically me thank you mr. day-lewis


  • sebastian armesto (*๓´╰╯`๓)


  • ❝ writing a screenplay is writing a screenplay. there are no shortcuts. ❞ — syd field
  • ❝ let everything happen to you / beauty and terror / just keep going / no feeling is final. ❞ — rainer maria rilke
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