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  • nov. 1: edmund's birthday!!!!!! :0)
    • happy birthday to my love, my life, my king, my lover, my best friend, my ex-lover, my confidante, my right hand man, my soulmate.... many happy returns to the pastoral prince and the rabbit king of the war poets (ꈍ ᴗ ꈍ✿)
  • nov. 4: mapplethorpe's birthday!
  • nov. 10: 60 years since catch-22's publication
  • nov. 11: armistice day – the great war ends 103 years ago today
    • they shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    • age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    • at the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    • we will remember them.
  • nov. 11: happy birthday kurt !!!! ♡
  • nov. 12: lewis day!!
  • nov. 12: symphonic faiths @ 8 pm
    • ✓ remember to buy evie a bouquet :0)
  • nov. 14: archives term paper due
  • nov. 15: will's name projected @ australian war memorial
    • exterior, hall of memory at 12:01 am
  • nov. 19: unstuck in time release date
  • nov. 19: christine's thesis defense @ 10 am
  • nov. 21: litter pick-up w jules @ 11 am
  • nov. 25: thanksgiving!
  • nov. 30: ernest's birthday!!
  • nov. 30: andrzejki (st. andrew's eve)


  • ✓ wear a poppy + observe the eleventh hour
  • ✓ read fall in, ghosts in honor of edmund day


  • abba's new album....!!!!
  • mendelssohn's fifth.... the fourth movement.... can't imagine a more brilliant finale to a symphony! it's been on repeat all month.... the dresden amen.... the chorale arrangement of a mighty fortress... how i love you felix mendelssohn!


  • sitting in the courtyard with rachel and jules, all around red and golden trees, the air cool, our hands warmed by julia's homemade apple cider, the moment so idyllic that i couldn't help but say, "gosh, this feels like a dream"...
  • going out for an afternoon iced coffee in a long, button-up dress, a thin turtleneck underneath, no bra,,, feeling like the preschool music teacher i was always meant to be
  • almost late to my date with rachel and jules bc of who i am as a person (lost track of time giggling over the pictures in my blunden biography)
  • a blustery afternoon + a warm gingerbread latte at my favorite coffee shop at home, sitting in my spot by the windows, scribbling away in my bumby notebook as i always seem to be doing here... what happiness to see the progress you've made, unfolding over the course of months in the pages of a notebook...!!

good things about the month

  • edmund's birthday, celebrated with his endlessly smile-inducing prose; leftover halloween candy during theory; steph's book getting shortlisted; the telemann trumpet concerto; julia's warm apple cider; listening to lord huron whilst putting in my curlers; sewing a poppy to wear on armistice day; kate's brilliant writing; the warm glow of golden hour; an evening at the symphony orchestra with andrea, a late supper afterward! how i missed talking about music with a fellow classically trained musician; the long-awaited dutch art exhibition; gazing upon still lifes; dancing to abba's new album; strawberries and cream iced coffee; the modigliani exhibit; duras in the gallery cafe; sketches of mockingbirds in my notebooks, beloved mimus polyglottos; new pictures of bumby; listening to kate's podcast episode whilst making supper; a chilly morning spent with jules, reveling in autumn's finery; free iced coffees on tuesdays; birding with dad by the river on thanksgiving day; trips to the antique store; a cozy gingerbread latte; bundling up for my evening walks; hands warmed by a mug of hot tea;
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